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The Boy Who Was Wrong About The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

 The Boy Who Was Wrong About The Girl

With The Dragon Tattoo

 By Hmsbeefnuts


It takes a big man, or woman, to admit when they are wrong, and I’ll hold my hands up and say, ‘I Hmsbeefnuts, was completely wrong about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, sorry Sweden’. Let me explain. I think it happens to all of us sometimes, we hear about something from a friend or online, and you google it, or have a look, and you just take an instant dislike to it. Maybe you don’t trust that friends opinion on certain things, maybe you don’t like the actor or director, or maybe it looks too green, or too dark or too happy. Whatever it is, you have decided to not like this thing, and it goes double if the thing become THE thing. Everyone you know has read it, watched it, loved it, won’t stop talking about it, and the more this happens, the more adamant you are that they are wrong, this thing is boring, rubbish, shit, it must be, you know what you like, and no way will you like this, no way.

 But then, one day, something happens, you have some extra time off, another friend or family member convinces you that, maybe you should see it, you wont have to pay, and what else are you going to do? So this is where I found myself, the Friday after New Year, an afternoon off, a Mother who wanted to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and a Father, Brother and Sister who were either busy, uninterested or both. I hadn’t seen the original, not because of the subtitles like you thought, but because a few friends had been banging on about it, and no offence if they’re reading, but I don’t trust their opinions all the time. I hadn’t read the books either, I’d rather read The Girl With The Dragon, fuck the Tattoo, and as I’ve explained above, I was sure this was all a load of old rubbish about some Gothy Chick with flying lizard body art. As I sat in the empty cinema, things were not looking promising…

Girl, Dragon Tattoo not pictured.


The trailers played, The Dark Knight Rises, looks great, my mood upped considerably, seeing that on the big screen was already worth the trip. Then that bloody Muppet’s Orange advert, ergh, I hate the Muppet’s, and then the film started…and a really bad cover of a great Led Zeppelin song kicks in, oh dear, I’m in for almost 3 hours of rubbish…3 hours!!! What was I thinking, I like an epic as much as the next Geek, but 3 hours of rubbish will be hard to justify.

 Daniel Craig, always watch-able, I’m kind of into his story, but it keeps getting interrupted by this weird rude girl with stupid hair and no eyebrows, who looks like a reject from 30 days of Night. Oh a murder mystery, good, I like a good murder mystery, oh interrupted by a rapey blow job scene, bit unnecessary maybe, oh God, now an anal rape, don’t they know I’m watching this with my Mum!!! More murder mystery, and some more anal rape, this time deserved and for revenge, and finally, I’m getting into this film. Something weird happened, I stopped judging it, and started enjoying it. The story was rather good, I cared about these characters, and by the time the two main characters were investigating things together, I’d realised what a fool I had been. Also, when said Girl dresses differently, and puts a wig on, damn, she is hot, an added bonus. So apart from a few scenes of anal rape, and some graphic sex, which in different company I would have had no problem with, the film was a bit of a treat.

 I was glad that I knew nothing about the story, and knew nothing about the ending or whodunnit, I don’t think it would have had the same effect on me otherwise. But I highly recommend this film, and I would like to publicly apologise to those friends who tried to get me to watch or read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and promise that in the future I will at least listen to you, and then discount your opinions as poor.

 So what am I trying to say here? Well I guess that there are some things that we all discount for some reason or other, i.e., it’s a girls film, it’s black and white, it’s old, it’s got Ryan Gosling in it, it’s foreign, it’s stupid, it’s silent, it’s a boys film, it’s a film about dancing (actually, this always means it’s going to be rubbish), etc. Whatever it is, try not to be so closed minded, you know, some things are popular for a reason,because they are good. I was wrong about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and I’ve learned my lesson, but like fuck am I watching The King’s Speech, looks boring and shit.

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