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My Slightly Geeky Obsession

 By Geeky Gem

When I say obsession I mean it’s an old one that I have with a certain Superhero. Over the past few months this obsession that my friends Hmsbeefnuts and Kirkiechick among others seem to think I have is with a certain Dark Knight who hails from Gotham.  

I shall take you back to a time when I wasn’t old enough to watch a 15 film at the cinema. No wait it started before that I was 9 years old and in love with cartoons. Now I had my pick from Thundercats to Transformers and few others. Both of which I watched repeats of as they ended in 1987 I was a very upset child and would have to wait another 5 years before something came along to glue me to my T.V. My pray’s were answered and in 1992 a new cartoon caught my eye. Starring a character I had only ever watched in repeats of a T.V show when he was played by the great Adam West. This my friend’s was Batman: The Animated Series. I watched ever episode of that show I never missed one. If the family took a holiday and I was going to miss it I would get my school friends to record it for me and I would borrow the tape when I got back. I loved it. The show had everything I loved the Bat Cave, the Batmobile, the mystery, the adventure and the explosions. However gone was the camp-ness of the Adam West show and a new Dark Knight stepped forward Kevin Conroy this is my Batman.

 Anyway fast-forward to October 2011 a new game is coming out Batman: Arkham City and I noticed I had not played Batman: Arkham Asylum and I am in shock as I discover the voice of Batman in this new game and indeed in Asylum is Kevin Conroy. I rush to my nearest video game store and picked up a copy of Asylum and that’s where things get blurry I think I lost like a week of my life. My birthday started to draw near and I could think of nothing else but playing Batman. A friend of mine suggested I read the comic as I had never read them. So I picked up a few from my local library and got lost in them. Then came my birthday another friend of mine passed me my card and present and said I hope you enjoy it. The gift was DVD sized and I thought nothing of it till I opened and there in my hands is a brand new copy of Arkham City. Needles to say that made my day. Since then I have been reading a lot of comics and am picking up 5 a week at the library. I am reading as many as I can I can’t get enough. It would however seem to be that my friends think I may be a bit obsessed as for Christmas I received Batman related items. This has led Hmsbeefnuts and another friend of mine (Kelvin) to give me lists of ones I must read.   I have been so bad that I have even got my hands on the animated show and have re-watched the complete first season. As I type this and tell you the tale of my obsession with the Dark Knight I am wearing my Batman jumper and listening to Danny Elfman’s chilling soundtrack from the 1989 movie by Tim Burton.  I can only say that as I count down the days to the release of The Dark Knight Rises I am a little giddy. When I said obsessed I meant it I have seen all the films and watched a number of the straight to DVD cartoons. I don’t think this will end here I think it will grow. I have already lost the last part of 2011 to it. I hope there is more to come.  Hmsbeefnuts and I have already said that when it comes to movie of the month The Dark Knight Rises will be the winner hands down. I just hope I don’t lose any friends to my Batman obsession although some of them haven’t seen me in some time and surely think I am running round the house with a cape on playing detective in the great mystery that is have you seen my glasses.

So the next time we come together to talk about Batman we shall delve into my new-found love with Graphic Novels.

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