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Monday Morning Musings

By Hmsbeefnuts

Happy Monday everybody, I hope you all had a good weekend. I did practically nothing due to some illness type thing and tiredness. My geeky exploits of the weekend amounted to finally watching the Director’s Cut of Troy, playing a little bit of Goldeneye: Reloaded on XBOX 360 and reading a scant few pages of The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, the book the excellent The Company of Wolves was based on. Not too good all in all, I didn’t even make it to the Cinema this weekend. Short little reviews, I liked Troy quite a bit, I think I hate Goldeneye, but I will defeat it, and although what most would regard as Chick Lit. The Bloody Chamber is a rather nice take on classic fairy tales, with more than a pinch of werewolf.

The All Geek To Me crew were very happy this weekend, this weekend being only our second as a crew ever, to have some lovely feedback and comments and some Facebook and Twitter love. If that love was given by you, then thank you very much, it is appreciated and we hope that this blog will be able to grow in the coming months and become better and better. Any suggestions will be gratefully received, or begrudgingly received depending on if they are addressed to the super nice Geeky Gem, or the crumugingly cantankerous me. Also, I would like to mention that at some point soon KirkieChick will be joining us with an as yet unannounced feature, and if any of you guys want to rant or write about a subject, all contributions will be considered. So endeth the thank you section.

Some things that I have coming up this week, well I want to form my thoughts on the new Sherlock BBC series into some words, then type those words onto my laptop. It’s proving tricky, for I am of two minds. I also have a little something on the fantastic Skyrim, which I will post later this week, as well as a little rant that I wrote on digital downloads. Geeky Gem will also be providing her usual brand of geekyness too, so a lot to look forward too.

Some thoughts I have had this weekend are…

I haven’t read the book, or seen the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but in the remake, nothing whatsoever is made of the actual tattoo, in fact, I can barely remember seeing it, if it was shown at all. I would have thought if you were going to call your book/film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, at least some of the plot should be dedicated to said tattoo? Maybe I’m wrong and in the book it is more prominent, but for me, the Dragon Tattoo was of no importance at all. You could have just called the film The Girl, much less mysterious, but more honest.

I’m not sure about War Horse. I know it’s Spielberg, and it looks epic and stuff, but… I just can’t summon the energy to see it. I don’t really care about a seemingly super hero horse who can’t die, and his boy who loses him and then finds him in the heat of battle. I’m not the worlds biggest animal lover and from the trailer, it looks like it’s going to be a bit sickening and soppy, John Williams’ score in the trailer certainly sounds like it will be. To be honest I’d rather watch Goon. Yeah I said it.

I hope Microsoft aren’t going to pull a Nintendo. The new XBOX dashboard has a worrying amount of social, TV, and other non-gaming apps. Now I don’t mind KINECT at all, it’s a lot of fun, but use it for GAMES, and never forget Microsoft that the vast majority of your customers use their 360’s for GAMING. Gaming should always be your number one priority, and the social and TV apps should be a wonderful extra, not the main focus, please don’t let lose faith in you like I lost faith in Nintendo, I really don’t like Sony controllers or over all ‘feel’, so would not appreciate having to play my games on a Sony console.

Speaking of Nintendo though, I do find myself really wanting a 3DS. Lots of games I want to play on it and it looks really nice. I have never bought a hand held before, maybe I’ll save up and take the plunge.

My new obsession on TV at the moment is Finding Bigfoot. If you have ever seen Ghost Adventures, which I would also recommend, Finding Bigfoot is a similar show, in which four intrepid Squatchers go state to state in America looking for the elusive monsters. I’m of the opinion that it is just about feasible that Sasquatches can and do exist, there are too many pieces of evidence to dismiss it completely, but will the intrepid members of the BFRO, Bigfoot Field Research Organisation, find one? I hope so, but the journey is more exciting than the destination, and Finding Bigfoot is funny, interesting and enthusiastic, and on this cold January morning, what more could you want?

Enough of my rubbish for one day. I hope you continue to read, and hopefully enjoy this blog, I know that Geeky Gem and myself have a blast thinking and writing things up. If it amuses you, please comment on posts, LIKE us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, @allgeek2meblog, @GeekyGem, and if you don’t mind the occasional swear @hmsbeefnuts. Till next time…

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