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My Slightly Geeky Obsession: Part 2

A Journey into the Batman Graphic Novels
By Geeky Gem

Right so when we last meet I told you that over the last few months I have lost many weeks of my life to the adventures of the Dark Knight. I think I mentioned I hadn’t read any of graphics novels. I know hang my head in shame. Anyway when my friend Mr Hmsbeefnuts found out he gave me a list of a few I must read. Now I am trying to get my hands on a few he told me to read but they are proving tricky.  Not long after this another friend (Kelvin) again outraged at my lack of reading gave not one but 4 lists of things I have to read and so my journey began.


Now the reason I was given these lists is at first all I wanted to do was read Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison, however I ended up with Arkham Asylum: Madness by Sam Keith. Not that it isn’t a good read it is, but I wanted the Grant Morrison one. Which I have now read and I very much enjoyed it. The art in the novel is mind-blowing and that was it I am now hooked. Now being the geek that I am I have been keeping track of the ones I have read on this really handy website.

So far I have read (in no real order):

Arkham Asylum: Madness

A Tale of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

The Killing Joke

Arkham Asylum


Under The Red Hood Volume 1

Streets of Gotham Volumes 1 – 3

Batman Adventures: Mad Love

Batman R.I.P

Batman: Year One

Batman and Son

Batman and Robin Volumes 1 and 2

The Man Who Laughs

Battle for the Cowl

Booster Gold: Day of Death (This is a Batman cross over)

Superman/Batman Volumes 1 and 2

Now I know that is only 20 titles in the vast world of Batman and I have a long way to go but keep in mind I have read these in a two month period if that. So far I have been lucky and not found one I don’t like. I am so glad I started reading them they are so rich and full of wonderful art and stories. So far I have read stories by Paul Dini, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore and Frank Miller to name a few. All of whom are fantastic and I have so much more to read and I can’t wait. As a friend pointed out as I am not reading them in order of the events there are bits in my knowledge that are missing but will soon be filled up when I get to the ones that make sense. So as the back story of the Dark Knight grows I can’t wait to see what else I am missing and what the lists my friends give me bring.  

Next time we meet I shall regale you with the tale of the Batman Video Games.

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