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Seeing as I am a geek I watch a lot of movies, the one thing I enjoy almost as much as watching the film, is reading all the trivia, about my favourite movies. I love little facts about who was asked to play who, who got injured but carried on anyway. Things like trivia really stick with me. My mind is so full of pointless movie facts, that I thought I would share some with you. That being said, each week I will pick a genre and feed you some things I hope you didn’t know about films I have chosen. To kick things off with a BAM! POW! KERRASH! This week, I will look at Superhero’s, let’s begin shall we.


Batman, (1989)

When casting the Joker, Robin Williams was considered for the role; he was also under consideration for the Riddler in a later movie. However Jack Nicholson won the role, but demanded top-billing in the film, and a very nice deal, that saw him take home money from not just royalties, but merchandise as well. 

Superman, (1978)

Jeff East, who played the young Clark Kent, is never heard in the movie. Christopher Reeve was dubbed over all his lines, in order to cover the discrepancy in their voices. 

Iron Man, (2008)

Jon Favreau’s first choice for Pepper Potts was Rachel McAdams, but she turned the role down.  

Supergirl, (1984)

The original movie poster had a mistake on it. It showed the Statue of Liberty holding the torch in her left hand. 

Hulk, (2003)

This film spent 12 years in development, waiting for the CGI technology to be sophisticated enough, to render the un-jolly Green Giant. 

X-Men, (2000)

Originally Toad was a hunchback, but this was changed so as not to interfere with Ray Park’s martial arts abilities. 

Green Lantern, (2011)

You can see a sign in the movie for Central City. Central City is the home of Green Lantern’s friend, and colleague in the Justice League, Wally West, The Flash.

 Spider-Man, (2002)

Toby Maguire took the role in this movie having never read a Spider-Man comic. He took the role because he liked the script.

Fantastic Four, (2005)

A replica of the Brooklyn Bridge was built on-set, in Canada, for this movie.


That brings us to the end of this week’s trivia. If you have any genre requests, or special one off film requests please feel free to let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Hope you enjoyed this weeks trivia, and I’ll see you back here next week for some more.

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