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My Slightly Geeky Obsession: Part 3

To Game or not To Game.

By Geeky Gem


Now over the last two geeky articles, I have regaled you with the tales of my obsession with the Dark Knight, how I have lost a good few months to stalking him, in the shadows of Gotham. However our time together with The Batman is coming to an end. So in this penultimate part of my love affair with the Caped Crusader, I shall tell you about the time I have spent, making him do exactly what I want him to do. Even if this includes making him jump off of tall buildings, which I make him do all the time.


 The first game I played that was Batman related was in essence a little silly. However, it was a whole lot of fun, I am of course, talking about Lego Batman, and who can say they don’t love Lego?


I played this back at the beginning of last year, and I only really played it, as I was working my way through the other Lego games on my Nintendo DS. I must say that although the game is simple, and not overly complicated, it’s not a bad game and I enjoyed it very much. It didn’t really have much of a story, but the game was not really about that. It was just played for fun, as all Lego games are.

Lego Batman was fun, but I had no idea what great games lay ahead. As you may recall, I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum, not long before Arkham City came out, as I had never played it and had been wanting to for some time. You may also remember, that I have a thing for Kevin Conroy. Well he was the reason I bought Asylum, that and the positive reviews I had heard from friends, and read on websites.

So, I put the disc in my Playstation, and with baited breath, watched the loading screen. There it was, Arkham Asylum, and this is the point where I lost a few weeks of my life. The story is fantastic, The Joker has taking over the Asylum, and let all the inmates out. They are now in charge of the island that houses the Asylum. The graphics are brilliant, and the detail is deep and rich, plus a little creepy in places. The story is satisfying, and full of cheeky one liners, that will make you smile if you get the references, but don’t detract from the experience if you don’t.

There are also a whole host of great characters in the story, from the Joker to Harley Quinn, Jim Gordon to Oracle. All who of whom, I think, are great characters. There is no Robin or Nightwing in this story, but they are in the sequel, Arkham City. The reason I love this game is all of the stuff above, and one big reason, the voice cast. The voice cast are mainly the same from the animated series which I have already covered. Kevin Conroy is back as Batman, Mark Hamill brings the madness back to the Joker, and Arleen Sorkin voices the manic Harley Quinn. They are also joined by a whole host of other evil doers. The Riddler taunts you from afar with riddles that make a nice addition to the main quest. Poison Ivy also shows her face, and so do her plants. Killer Croc and Bane show up to cause you some trouble, but the Scarecrow gets right in your head, and this makes for some fantastic fights with him. Scarecrow always freaked me out as a child, so it’s nice to see him in this game. I have to say I loved this game so much, that when my friend gave me Arkham City, I was overjoyed, as it meant the story could go on.

So to Arkham City we go. Now I will tell you this now, I haven’t finished the game yet. There are two reasons for this, one I am stuck, and two if I finish it will be over, at least for the foreseeable future, as rumours of a third instalment are all over the web. The next one will probably be called, Arkham World.  

If you have played Asylum, then you know how the events in City, came about. I don’t want to give the story away, so I’ll stay away from spoilers as much as possible. I’ll just get down to what I liked.

The map for this game is so much bigger than Asylum, which is great. It’s above and below ground, which adds a whole depth to the game, that wasn’t there before. The story again is really dark and pushes Batman to whole new level.

Much of the same cast has returned, apart from Arleen Sorkin, who due to ill health, was unable to provide the voice of Harley Quinn but was replaced by the fantastic Tara Strong who voices so many amazing characters, I can’t name them all, however, I can say I love her work. 

Robin makes an appearance in this game, and he can be bought from the store, or given free as a pre-order bonus, and added into the game as a playable character, along with Nightwing. The other new payable character in this game is Catwoman, which is kind of cool. The Riddler is back, with more tasks for you to complete, as are a whole host of others. Penguin shows his face, as does Mr. Freeze, and Bane has turned over a new leaf and wants Batman’s help, or does he?

There are again, a whole host of things to do within the game, which makes it all that more fun. There are also a load of things to do outside of the game, I love the challenge maps. I spent a lot of time shouting at Batman for not gliding when I wanted him too. But I will always forgive the Dark Knight for if it wasn’t for him, and my friends insight, I wouldn’t have my geeky obsession. Now I am afraid we have come to the end of our journey with the Dark Knight. However he will always be there in the shadows ready to kick the Jokers butt.

Next time on My Slighty Geeky Obsession we take the last step in our Batman trip, we’ll be looking at the big screen.

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