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Gaming for Girls: Part 2

By Kirkie Chick

Before I talked about how I got into gaming. I have continued to play Arkham City. I am doing well at resisting the temptation of using a walkthrough. I’m 6% through on the storyline and 1% through on the entire game. There are a lot of side missions. Which I’ve decided to tackle after doing most of the storyline. I have got a bit stuck at the moment as Harley Quinn has run away from me and I’m trying to find a way of chasing her.

                I haven’t played much LA Noire. I am a bit further ahead with that game. I find I get further ahead on those types of games than with the platformers. I also bought a second hand copy of the XBOX version game for the television series Lost. I enjoy playing game versions of films and television programmes. I’ve played King Kong on the DS. I did get stuck for ages on one part of that game, trying to get past a giant crab in a cave. I even asked my friend to help me. I did eventually work it out and went on to complete the game 100%. I played the first Narnia film on the DS. That was a good play. A bit tricky in places. I will try the other games in the series. Possibly in the XBOX version instead of DS.

                I enjoy listening to music while I play and I catch up on television online at the same time. So I multi task when I game. Can guys do that? Haha So far on Arkham City there hasn’t been much fighting to do. I’ve mostly been running and hiding in corridors looking for kidnapped Doctors. I’ve now got to break into the Joker’s office and then the next objective is to interrogate the Joker. Harley Quinn is being a cow though. She does look a tease in the skimpy outfit and pigtails though.

                I find it a little trickier to select the tools I need for the job on Arkham City. The controls seem a little different for this than they did on Arkham Asylum. I’m sure I will get used to them with time. I am looking forward to trying the side missions. I felt on Arkham Asylum there didn’t seem to be as many to do. You had the Riddler Trophies to find and the Chronicles and that was it.

                Next time I will have probably played more LA noire and possibly started Lost. Until the next time folks, happy gaming.

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