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 By Hmsbeefnuts


February 14th is of course Valentines Day, the day that couples get to rub their relationships in the faces of single people. The day that causes more arguments and break ups than almost any other event, and the day that gangsters in the 30’s enjoy a good massacre. Not that I’m bitter you understand, the fact I am currently single has NO bearing on the above words, however any offers, and I mean ANY, will be considered, if left in the comments. Any way, ummm, right, Valentines Day. In celebration of the day of love, here at All Geek To Me, we will be celebrating our own personal Geeky Loves. From crushes on TV stars, to our most beloved Geeky item, to the one thing that we care most about above all others, we will be writing love letters and whispering sweet nothings to the things we hold most dear.

Some of these articles may be faintly embarrassing, some will be deeply personal insights into our minds and memories, but I hope at the same time, they will be entertaining, and if they aren’t, cut me some slack, I’m all alone, terribly alone…

Sorry about that, so without further ado, I can now present to you, my own personal Geeky Crushes Through the Ages.


Fay Wray


I didn’t know about Fay Wray until I was about 21. That is when I finally saw the 1933 King Kong. Don’t get me wrong, the big ape was enough for me to fall in love with this classic film, but there was something about this damsel in distress, something beyond the ordinary. Fay Wray sure could scream, and look sexy, distressed, vulnerable and beautiful all in one confusingly pleasing packages. My personal pick for sexiest woman of the 30’s, yeah that’s right guys, who’s yours? Fay Wray is sexy in a way most women aren’t any more, classically good looking, with that retro charm, all big eyes and fluttering eyelids. She is also very attractive in Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933), and The Most Dangerous Game (1932). In my opinion, queen of the screams, Fay Wray was a real beauty in her day, she sadly passed away in 2004.


Gillian Anderson


I loved The X-Files, loved them more than anything else I had ever loved at the time. It was the perfect show for me, I love conspiracies, mysteries, strange occurrences, and most of all red heads. The show would have been great without Agent Dana Scully. But it was made all the better with her. I fell madly in lust with Ms. Anderson, her FHM shoots at the time, certainly didn’t hurt matters, and my school books and walls were covered in pictures of her. I had a massive crush on her, but then so did most people who watched the show. Scully was smart and sexy, she saved Mulder, just as much as Mulder saved her. The will they, won’t they chemistry between Anderson and David Duchovny was potent. Scully wasn’t your typical sexpot TV woman, she was different, she didn’t dress slutty or act overtly sexual, however, that made her far more sexy than any of he girls on Baywatch. Gillian Anderson is still a stone cold fox, she was my teenage crush, and will always have a place in my geeky heart.


She-Ra/Jessica Rabbit


Jessica Rabbit may be directly responsible for my love of red heads, and she isn’t real, but damn, she is still hot. Who Framed Rodger Rabbit did funny things to a young Hmsbeefnuts. Jessica was probably the sexiest thing I had ever seen at that point, and it wasn’t just her…ummm… curves. That voice.. Kathleen Turner lending her voice to a character Philip Marlowe wishes he had created, Jessica Rabbit is a femme fatale right out of a film noire classic. Don’t judge me for loving a cartoon, because I challenge anyone to not find her sexy. Then we come to She-Ra. I have joined her and Mrs. Rabbit in one choice as they are both animated, but if I’m honest, She-Ra may have been my first love. I remember having dreams about her when I was about 5. Yeah she was a female He-man, and yes, she was rubbish and lame, but back then, she did it for me, and who am I to argue with my 5 year old self, she is quite hot for a cartoon, that outfit is alluring, although she seems quite stern, I don’t know what that says about me…


Salma Hayek


From Dusk Till Dawn was, and is, one of my favourite films. I watched it at just the right time in my life, when I was 17, and I fell ridiculously in love with Santanica Pandemonium, played with sultry sexiness by the unbelievably attractive Salma Hayek. Yes she looks great in a bikini, and I’m not going to apologise for thinking so. She is very sexy in Desperado too, and pretty much everything else she has been in. Just look at the picture OK, she is hot, ’nuff said.


Alison Brie


I turned 30 last year, and 4 weeks ago I decided I would check out Community, a sitcom on NBC, that I had heard good things about. I loved it, and I loved Alison Brie even more. I don’t think a cuter girl exists on any other TV show. I’m a sucker for big blue eyes, and oh Grandma, what big eyes she has. Her character on the show is adorable, and lets be honest, she is smocking hot. It just goes to prove that no matter how old or mature you get, and it is questionable how mature I am, a geek crush will never be far away. I haven’t seen her in anything else, but I’m sure she is amazing in everything, how could she be any less than amazing. No one rocks a cardigan like Ms. Brie, and if you need any more encouragement, watch the paint ball episodes in the second season of Community, she is amazing.


So there we have it. Have I embarrassed myself enough for one article? I’m sure I can manage some more, so check back soon for another love obsessed article.

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