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By Geeky Gem

As its February, it means that everywhere you go, you see love hearts and silly Teddy’s that are wearing jumpers pronouncing that someone loves you. Yes I know, I sound like a bitter single person. The fact of the matter is, I do have a boyfriend, and have had for some time. I just don’t like Valentine’s Day, pure and simple. So what I thought I would do is tell you about some geeky crushes I have had over the years.


Now I know what you’re all thinking, she’s going to pick Batman. Well you’re wrong, I nearly picked Batman. I had to hold back with every fiber of my being not to pick him. So here are a few of my other geeky crushes.


Xander Harris


So my first crush was none other than Xander Harris, played by the wonderful Nicholas Brandon. Now when Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit our screens, I was always going watch it, I had seen the film but, remember the film is different and the show stands alone. So I settled down to watch the first episode, and in walks this character that was not only really cute, but really funny. I like the comedic factor that Nicholas Brandon bought to the show. Some of my favorite lines in the show are his, so in love I fell with Xander Harris, so much so, that my friend bought a framed picture of him and he has lived on my wall for many a year, along with a poster, and many other things. I think the reason I liked him was he was so funny, and would sometimes save the day, even if he didn’t mean to.


The one episode I like him in most is called The Pack, when he was taken over by the spirit of a Hyena and he becomes black Xander. This episode along with many others showed his range. Xander went through a lot during the course of Buffy. He nearly got married to Anya, he cheated on Cordelia with Willow, and lost an eye in a fight with Caleb. This, however, did not stop him being there in the final. That is way I loved him.


The Flash 

Now I know, there are a lot of different versions of the Flash, but the one I love the most is that of the animated series. In this form, The Flash was voiced by Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor from Smallville for those who may not know). He was witty and charming, and you couldn’t help but love him.


The Flash was playful, but he knew how to be serious when the job needed to be done. There was something that Rosenbaum bought to him that made me love The Flash. Yes I know at first I was watching the show because of Batman, but as much as love the Dark Knight I loved Flash just as much. Plus he can run really fast.

 Simon Pegg


When I first saw Simon Pegg, it was on a show on Channel 4 called Spaced. This show was fantastic. It was geeky, fun and it had an amazing cast and cracking story line, which was funny at every turn. 

Since then Pegg has gone worldwide starring in such films as Shaun of the Dead and Star Trek. I mean Star Trek! I never thought I would see him in that and he was brilliant. He is not only a brilliant actor but a fantastic writer. He is funny and serious, and if you follow him on twitter he will make you smile. There is just something about him that marks him out as awesome. Need I say more?

Those are my geek crushes, and they will pretty much always stay that way, with the addition of a few more no doubt. I’ve had so many I can’t recall them all, but I am sure some of them shall never be made public. We all have crushes and it can be fun, especially when they are geeky and way out of our league

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