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Kirkie Chick and Geeky Gem’s Dirty, Geeky Weekend Away!

By Kirkie Chick and Geeky Gem

Now a few months ago, Kirkie Chick won some tickets to attend the SFX Weekender 3. As she is such a nice person, she asked Geeky Gem and two other friends to come along. The SFX Weekender ran from the 2nd of February to the 5th of February 2012. Here is their diary of the events that took place during these few days in North Wales. Do not attempt to adjust your screen. We are controlling the transmission.  We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your screen. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind, to the outer Geek. The events you are about to read about actually happened to four people from Cardiff.


Day 1 – The problem with locks.

Well day one did not start out as we had planned. Kirkie Chick returned home from work with Ammzzy to discover the back plate on her lock to her flat has broken and she was locked out. Thanks to some helpful neighbours she gained entry to her flat; however it did not end there. She had to get up very early in the morning, and find a replacement lock. After 3 hours this was all sorted and she made her way to pick up Geeky Gem and BlitzEvo as he was driving.  The road trip finally began; laughs were had by all as the trip north was a cold one. It was epic with only one stop to go to the toilet, and fill up on coffee, it was harrowing.

However, after what seemed like days, we arrived in North Wales, well Prestatyn Sands to be exact. We were cold, hungry and running low on caffeine.  BlitzEvo parked the car and we made our way round to reception to check-in. It was there we were confronted with a long queue, little did we know how long the queue would prove to be. After about 40 minutes and not much movement we were advised that only the party leader needed to queue, now being team players Geeky Gem, Ammzzy and BlitzEvo left Kirkie Chick to weather the queue alone. At one point she disappeared inside the building, but it was a full hour before she emerged again. After 2 and half hours of queuing, the team were finally reunited.

We went and checked out our room, unpacked and then headed out for a wonder. As we had queued for so long, we missed the welcome quiz, so went back to our room, had some food and planned the next day’s events. 

Day 2 – Ewok Attack.

After a cold night’s sleep for some of us, we rose to get to the welcome show, where we were greeted by scantily clad women, being attacked by aliens. Don’t worry they were saved by commandos with dry ice guns. We then told that due to an unfortunate train derailment, that some stars were not going to able to make it on time, and in some case’s not coming at all. This meant that some plans had to be changed and we chose alternative things to go see. After the welcome meeting Kirkie Chick was attacked by not only a cunning Ewok, but by Chewbacca as well.

While Geeky Gem was attacked by an Alien, who was rather scary.

After some time wondering around the awesome shops, we attended Dan and Tony’s Audience Participation Comic Creating Workshop of Awesome. Which as the title would lead you to believe was awesome. Dan Boultwood and Tony Lee wrote a comic, and had members of the audience act out the comic strip tale. Starring The Scarlet Blade, his side kick Bucky, the love of his life Princess Princess and the evil Baron Doom. Princess Princess is named as she is a girl and therefore alien to them. It was a really well thought out piece of entertainment and we even learnt a thing or two about making a comic, and the thought process that these two comic book creators go through when working.


After going back to our room to fill up on food, we headed to the Blastermind Pub not in a Pub Quiz. With our uber cool name of Moon Pig and Funky Pigeon Do A Quiz, we sat and tried to pit our wits against 99 other teams. Some were better than us, other’s where not as good. However we tried our best and have since found out that we came joint 53 out of 100, and had we listened to BlitzEvo, we would have placed a bit higher, well one place higher but still.

After enjoying the fun at the quiz, Kirkie Chick and Ammzzy went to go party with Pat Sharp, yes kids that Pat Sharp of Fun House fame, and thus ended Day 2.

Day 3 – Blessed, Vampires and How to get pregnant males.

We awoke early and Kirkie Chick and Ammzzy didn’t have hangovers, some may have thought this unfortunate. We had a fun filled day ahead of us. First up was the Being Human Q + A session with Toby Whithouse, the creator of the series. Kirkie Chick and Ammzzy were very excited about seeing him as they love the show, which is in its fourth series now. The dynamic of the show has changed with a cull of the main characters and a host of new ones, set to mix the story up. Our new favourite word is now “Twatage”. We were treated to some spoilers, which they hoped would not hit the web but within seconds they had. We know that Mark Gatiss will be the leader of the Old Ones, the group vampires on their way to Barry.

We also enjoyed a Q + A with Eve Myles, who regaled the hall with a tale of Little Barrowman. A story which should not have been told in front of certain members of the audience. Our very own Geeky Gem got to ask the final question of the session.

After watching a classic episode of Red Dwarf, entitled Parallel Universe, we enjoyed another Q + A with the Two Hollies, aka Norman Lovett and Hattie Hayridge. From there we ran to see the fantastic legend that is Brain Blessed, who told us all to shut our faces, and not let the bastards grind us down. Along with telling us he is a fully qualified Cosmonaut, and Gordon is Alive! Plus, how he enjoys taking the piss out of Ben Kingsley and all the other knights because he wants to be a Baron so he can piss on all the Knights!

Later as Geeky Gem and BlitzEvo enjoyed the Hollies do stand up, Kirkie Chick and Ammzzy enjoyed a preview screening of the first two episodes of season 4 of True Blood. After refuelling we hit the dance floor, and eagerly awaited the Djing style of Craig Charles. Yes kids, that Craig Charles! Where we partied until very late and crashed until morning.


Day 4 – The Journey Home.

Well we had lots of fun at the SFX Weekender, and on day 4 the last leap, was the leap home.

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2 thoughts on “Kirkie Chick and Geeky Gem’s Dirty, Geeky Weekend Away!

  1. Fair play that did read as an awesome weekend.
    The Kirk in me would have loved to have rescued the scantily clad women; the Kryten in me would have loved to have referred to both Hollys as “smeeeeeg heeeeeeds” before partying to Craig Charles on the Corrie Cobbled decks, and; the Ming the Merciless inside me would have really liked to have been that close to the legendary Hawkman himself – I mean…Brian Blessed…there just aren’t the words to describe how awesome he is!

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