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Last week, we hid from the power of the full moon, out of sight of the Lycan’s. This week, we hide in the dark from another creature of the night. I am of course speaking of the un-dead. Vampires! I love horror movies, and vampire movies, as well as werewolf movies, are some of my favourite ones. Into the crypt we go then, I hope you bought your stake.



Dracula, (1992)

When Prince Vlad screams after he drives the sword into the cross, Gary Oldman is not the person whose voice you hear. It is in fact Lux Interior, lead singer of the band The Cramps, he recorded the scream and it was dubbed in.


Blade, (1998)

Believe it or not,LL Cool J was originally going to play Blade.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer, (1992)

Buffy’s last name is never mentioned in the film. It isn’t until the television show that it is revealed to be Summers.


Interview with a Vampire, (1994)

In some scenes, Tom Cruise was placed on raised platform in order to reduce the height difference between him and other actors.


From Dusk Until Dawn, (1996)

The blood of the vampires was made green, in order to get the movie past the censors.


Van Hellsing, (2004)

Kate Beckinsale was the last person to be cast in this film, as Stephen Sommers was worried she wouldn’t want to be in a film that was so similar to Underworld.


Vampire in Brooklyn, (1995)

Sonja Davis, who was Angela Bassett’s stunt double on this film, sadly died in an accident on set.


Fright Night, (1985)

This movie was Tom Holland’s directorial débuts.


The Lost Boys, (1987)

The phase “Vamp Out” was invented on this movie, and passed to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Vampire Circus, (1972)

Many of the books on Hammer movies say this movie went over schedule, and some key scenes were never filmed. However this is somewhat ironic, as it is called Hammers best film in that decade.


This week we delved into the crypt of the un-dead and made it out alive. The sun is up and we can safely go home. Next week where will our journey take us? You will have to come back and see.


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