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Happy Valentines Day, Hmsbeefnuts has no one to Love this year, so let him share his love of Geeky Objects…

It’s Valentines Day today, how exciting, so I thought I would continue All Geek To Me’s Love Fest 2012, with a look the some of the geeky items, I, personally own, that I love most of all. I shall split these into sections, and tell you a little bit about why I love them. So here goes, some of the loves of my geeky life.



I have loved many pieces of technology, from games consoles, computers, TV’s and music related gadgets. For this article, I’m going to concentrate on games consoles. My first was a NES, then Super NES, N64, GAMECUBE, X-BOX, and currently X-BOX 360. I used to love Nintendo, but the Wii was the last straw for me. I love my X-BOX 360, we have had many adventures together, many good times, some bad, but I’ll always go back to it.




It used to be Mario and Zelda, but I haven’t played the last iterations of either, I really hate the Wii. My current favourite game is the fantastic Skyrim, and it is well worth checking out. However, I can only choose one game for this list, so it must be Goldeneye on the N64. I have ploughed so many hours into this game over the years, on my own, and with 3 other friends in multi-player, it has to be this game. Revolutionised FPS’s on consoles and surely the best movie game ever? Don’t play the remake, try the original, it is still good fun.




I collect DVD’s and Blu-Rays like no ones business. I have loads, loads and loads. A box set will probably have to take the crown as my most beloved disc, and I have a few that are up for consideration. The Universal Monsters Legacy Collection, JAWS 25th Anniversary DVD, etc. However, the king, the best, the clear choice is The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions on Blu-ray. These films are so good, that we know, however, the extras are worth buying on their own. They are so detailed, so interesting, book the week off and watch them all, you won’t be disappointed.




Everyone loves toys. My favourite toys from my childhood were probably the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Michelangelo most of all, or Grimlock from Transformers, or Dino-Riders, or Batman. As you can see, I liked toys a lot. Now I am old, and can’t play with toys any more, I have moved on to more formal geeky items to look at and enjoy. My personal favourite is a statue of King Kong fighting a V-Rex from Peter Jacksons Remake. It was expensive, but I love it so. Every home should have a gigantic statue of two monsters fighting, why wouldn’t you?




Batman T-shirt? Green Lantern? Ghostbusters? So many T-shirts, so many…. Forgive me but I’m going to pick something a little out of left field I’m choosing this, my 300 replica helmet. You can totally wear it, so it counts. I’ve wanted a Greek helmet since I saw Jason and the Argonauts when I was knee high to a living skeleton. I couldn’t resist buying this, and I have never regretted it. Look at it, it’s awesome.

So there you are, a few of my own personal Geeky items, that I own, and love. Better than some chocolates and a card… sob.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day, Hmsbeefnuts has no one to Love this year, so let him share his love of Geeky Objects…

  1. Mentioning Zelda on the Wii – I have to say I am impressed with Skyward Sword on the Wii: It may be designed around the Wii Motion Plus, but the control style really suits the Zelda series. It’s not overused, and most of the time it doesn’t feel like a burden to use. Makes for some interesting puzzles and more challenging boss fights.

    Which reminds me, I haven’t played it for a while – may have to get back to that one soon…

  2. Thanks for the comment man, much appreciated. It is a mark of shame for me that I seem to have abandoned my beloved Nintendo. I am looking forward to the Wii U despite myself, and would love a 3DS at some point. My favourite Zelda game is Link to the Past, followed by Ocarina and Wind Waker, I just never got on with the Wii.

    • I totally understand. Link to the Past just got everything right and the genius followed in Link’s Awakening. I feel Nintendo needed the Wii to make themselves more relevant, and now, as the Wii U, or whatever they decide to name it, approaches later this year I hope they can show that they can cater for the hardcore gamers as well as the casual.

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