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You wake one morning to find the whole world has come down with a deadly virus. Meaning that everyone you know and love is now a Zombie. Yes this week I’ll be sharing with some tasty Zombie trivia. I love zombie films and I am not really sure why, I just do. So pick up your weapon of choice and get ready to hit some Zombies.


Shaun of the Dead, (2004)

The Zombie in his pyjama’s had is voice dubbed over by Simon Pegg.


The Evil Dead, (1981)

For the Zombie guts, Creamed Corn dyed green was used.


Dawn of the Dead, (1978)

Some of the Zombies were in fact amputees.


The Plague of the Zombies,  (1966)

Diana Clare’s voice was dubbed over for the entire movie.


The Crazies, (2010)

In the prison cell there is some graffiti, one the words can be seen to say Romero. As a homage to the director of the original.


Doghouse, (2009)

The company that drives the group to the village is names West Tours after the director Jake West.


Black Sheep, (2006)

The special effects in this movie were done by the Weta Workshop, the same company that did the special of effects in Lord of the Rings.


28 Days Later, (2002)

The word “Fuck” is used a total of 61 times, from beginning to end.


Resident Evil, (2002)

When Matt’s arm starts to mutate no special effects are used until the last shot.


[REC], (2007)

This movie was shot on location, not one set was built.


That is it for this week’s trivia; I hope you are all ready for the Zombie apocalypse. I know I am. I sleep with a cricket bat next to my bed just in case and a box of vinyl records are always near my back door. Well you never know when it will happen. Until next time keep safe.

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