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Top 10 WWF/WWE Stars Of All Time

By Hmsbeefnuts

Once again it is time for a top 10 list of the best things of a thing. This time out, we are going to look at the Top 10 WWE/WWF Stars of all time. Now it is important to remember that these 10 men are my personal choice. Some of these choices might not be considered great wrestlers, some barely able to string 3 moves together, however, I liked them and still do. Wrestling is unique in that some only need to be barely competent at it, and can still become the the world champion, beloved by millions…. and millions of fans around the world. Now there are some obvious missing names here. No Undertaker, Brett Hart, Rick Flair, Sting, and no Irwin R. Schyster. But again, I refer you to the fact that these are MY favourites, and this list by no means diminishes the talents and achievements of any of these star names, particularly I.R.S. So for the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching at home….lets get ready to countdooooooowwwwwwwn!!!

Hulk Hogan

Technical skill is not the only thing a wrestler needs to become a legend of the ring, and in the next two cases, this is a very good thing indeed. Hulk Hogan could not really be described as a great wrestler. His moves were samey, he was no mat technician, and he was never the most agile man, but then he didn’t have to be, he was Hulk God-damn Hogan. The man personified the cartoon wrestling days of the 80’s and revolutionised a more grown up product in WCW in the 90’s by turning heel and establishing a super heel group the N.W.O. Ask anyone to name a wrestler and they will almost certainly say Hulk Hogan. He is a legend among legends. Hulkamania is still running wild in T.N.A although in much diluted form. Favourite Match – Wrestlemania VI Title vs Title Match against The Ultimate Warrior. Best Move – Leg Drop of Doom!!!

The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior was a bit rubbish at wrestling. But the young me didn’t give a damn. He was a force of nature. Type Ultimate Warrior into YOUTUBE and watch hours of bizarre promos barely understandable, a man clearly not in his right mind. But it was all an act, and what a great one it was. Running to the ring like a force of nature, the Warrior was all face paint and heavy breathing. He was the most mental person in a company filled with mental people. His career was short, he fell out with Vince McMahon in the WWF, and an awful return to face Hogan in WCW, was really shit. But in his glory days, he was my favourite wrestler. Now he cuts YOUTUBE promos on his ex opponents, and is an agony uncle, of sorts, in loaded magazine. He is still awesome. Favourite Match – Against Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI. Best Move – Gorilla Press Slam.

Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage

Unusually, and very sadly on this list, Macho Man Randy Savage is the only choice who is no longer with us. He is the first wrestler I had any kind of contact with, when I bought his action figure without knowing what wrestling was. Our first wrestler on the list who actually was very good at wrestling. Macho was a great heel or baby face and could do it all in the ring. Once again, his promos were amazing, he was a ball of energy and I find it incredible that he could maintain that voice for very long. A glorious career in WWF, he moved to WCW, with less stellar results, but he was always an exciting and worthwhile performer. R.I.P Macho. Favourite Match – His feud with Ricky Steamboat is legendary. Best Move – Flying Elbow Drop.

CM Punk

Our newest entrant to the list, and too be honest I don’t know a great deal about him. The Straight Edge Superstar promotes a healthier form of lifestyle, no drinking, no drugs, no steroids, something that perhaps a few other wrestlers should take note of. My favourite wrestler since coming back to the WWE in the last few months, CM Punk has impressed me in all his matches. The current WWE Champ, and along with Daniel Bryan, a different kind of WWE Superstar for a new generation. Fantastic promo man, and a fine fine wrestler, he is indeed, the best in the business right now. Looking forward immensely to his match at this years Wrestlemania for the WWE Title against Chris Jericho, CM Punk has it all. Favourite Match – his battles against Daniel Bryan recently have been technical master-classes. Best Move – Go To Sleep.

Chris Jericho

Former mid carder in WCW, he realised that the company wasn’t going to let him climb the ranks and so shifted to the WWF. Huge promo push followed and Y2J became the hottest talent around for a while. A great wrestler, although at times a bit sloppy, he is capable of having the best match on the card against almost anyone. The first Undisputed Champion, after beating The Rock and Steve Austin in a single night, Jericho has done it all in the WWE. Recently back from a bit of a hiatus, Jericho is currently feuding with CM Punk, which is set for a huge match at Wrestlemania. Has managed to keep up there with the big boys since joining WWF/WWE, Chris Jericho is one of the most exciting wrestlers to watch. Favourite Match – Winning the Undisputed Championship after beating The Rock and then Steve Austin one after the other. Best Move – Lionsault/Code Breaker.

Mick Foley

The Hardcore Legend. Mick Foley has brutalised his and his opponents bodies all over the world in every organisation going. Whether Japanese Death Matches, No D.Q. Chair shot slug fests or the mighty Hell in a Cell, Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack/Mick Foley is the man. Not only is he willing to destroy his health for our entertainment, the guy is hilarious on the mic. His Mr. Socko skits were hilarious, and his team up with The Rock, The Rock and Sock Connection, was a perfect blend of their personalities. Any fan of wrestling should watch the documentary Beyond the Mat. Mick is the clear star of the doc, and it is a fascinating insight into the life of a wrestler. World Champion, best selling author and all round great guy, Mick is perhaps the most likeable guy in wrestling. He will forever be a legend however for his amazing hardcore fights with the likes of Terry Funk, The Rock, HHH, and The Undertaker. Favourite Match – Has to be his encounter with The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. Best Move – Mandible Claw/Mr Socko.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Helped bring the Attitude Era in with a ‘Hell Yeah’. Stone Cold was the man every wrestling fan wanted to be, as he stuck it to his boss Vince McMahon week after week. Great mic skills, and great

in ring abilities, Stone Cold had it all. The breaking glass intro of his theme music meant that some shit was gona go down, and the crowd would go wild when they heard it. Stone Cold was the personification of the Attitude era, and will be long remembered for his Austin 3:16 speech, and his brutalisation of his boss. Now having moved onto acting, Steve Austin has been good in films such as The Condemned and The Expendables. Favourite Match – Winning the WWF Title from Shawn Michaels, despite HBK having Mike Tyson in his corner. Best Move – Stone Cold Stunner.


The Cerebral Assassin, The King of Kings, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, HHH is one of the greatest wrestlers to step into the squared circle. Once a member of the Clique, and involved in the notorious Curtain Call incident between Shawn Michaels and Brett Hart, HHH went from mid card no hoper to the dominant member of the roster. Now married to Stephanie McMahon, and set to inherit the entire WWE when Vince retires/dies, HHH is THE man. Being best mates with Shawn Michaels certainly helps, but HHH, is a fantastic wrestler in his own right. Countless memorable matches throughout his career, he was the head of Degeneration X along with HBK, and went on to greater things. Countless titles and amazing matches. HHH is always worth watching and listening too. Currently set to meet The Undertaker in a Hell in the Cell match at Wrestlemania, will he be able to break Undertakers unbeaten Wrestlemania streak? Favourite Match – Ladder match against The Rock for the Intercontinental Title. Best Move – The Pedigree.

Shawn Michaels

The Show-stopper. Mr. Wrestlemania. The Heartbreak Kid. Michaels is perhaps the greatest wrestler of all time. Starting off his career in the WWF as part of the Rockers, he went solo, by smashing his partners face through a plate glass window, and conquered the world of singles wrestling. Leader of the Clique and Degeneration X, HBK went on to have many many fantastic worlds best matches. His feuds with Brett Hart were super heated, thanks to the fact that both men didn’t like each other. Hour long Iron man matches, ladder matches, Hell in a Cells and everything in-between, HBK can have the greatest match of his career on any given night. His mic skills are almost unparalleled, his in ring work unique. Now retired, he is set to be the special referee at Wrestlemania, in the Hell in a Cell match between HHH and Undertaker. Favourite Match – Too many to mention. Best Move – Sweet Chin Music.

The Rock

Not only the greatest wrestling superstar of all time, but one of the greatest blokes to ever have been. I love The Rock. He is awesome. Now a movie star, the most successful wrestler turned actor ever, of course, it was with the WWF that I first became aware of Dwayne Johnson. Starting of as a jabroni baby face, The Rock quickly changed tact and formed the slightly racist Nation of Domination. He was too big for such a shitty heel group and quickly along with HHH, turned into a massive solo star. The best promo man in the business, and the best there ever has been, Rocky can say something one minute, and trend world wide on twitter the next. Currently back in the WWE for a Wrestlemania show down with John Cena, The Rock has been on top form. The Great One, The Peoples Champ The Brahma Bull, THE most Electrifying Man in all entertainment, The Rock is the greatest. I fail to see how anyone couldn’t think he is amazing. Can not wait for Wrestlemania. Surely the Rock will take John Cena’s Career, shine it up real nice, turn that sum-bitch sideways, and stick it straight up his roody poo, fruity pebbled, candy ass. I totally smell what The Rock is cooking. Best Moment – look at YOUTUBE, search for The Rocks Best Moments, you won’t be disappointed. Best Move – Rock Bottom/Peoples Elbow

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 WWF/WWE Stars Of All Time

  1. Greeny on said:

    how could you not include “The Man” or.” The best there is the best there was the best there ever will be” or “the dead man”? Madness! Also Sting has never been WWF or WWE so you cant count him as someone you missed.

    If I wasnt including any of those Legends id add Edge for his time as the Rated R Superstar and Kurt Angle who was so good in the ring.

    • Never liked Bret Hart, Undertaker just isnt my cup of tea, Flair didn’t get in because most of his career has been boring, at least the bits I’ve seen. Edge, I neve really saw as a singles wrestler, it was between times I watched it, and Kurt Angle was great, just not good enough

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