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Blow The Hell Up

By Geeky Gem

I am not the type of girl whose favourite movies are Rom-Coms, or a nice movie where everyone lives happily ever after. I’m the type of girl who likes to see stuff blow the hell up. That being said, it’s a sure thing that I like action movies.

From what I can remember of my early child hood, my first action film may have been Robo Cop. Which at the time was pretty cool, not only was he cop he was a robot too. I already know that I saw that movie way before the BBFC said I should have. It has no way made me violent in any way so screw you BBFC. Robo Cop was all about the guns and the robots, plus he fought some crime on the side, but my all time favourite scene is the one with ED-209. That scene blew my mind. It was then that I decided that I like actions movies.

From there I went through the motions. I tired chick flicks, I dabbled with other genres but action films always drew me back. The reason I like action films so much is that they don’t always have a cop at the heart of the action. The Fast and Furious series, for example, the cop is not the guy you routing for. You want Dom and the crew to get away, you want them to win. You’re not waiting for the cop to catch the bad guy. That being said I do love the Fast and Furious series, and not just for the cars, although that was the first reason I watched them. The other reason is the action, from stealing a truck to stealing an entire vault using only cars. That to me is amazing, throw in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and you have a good movie. Now I am not all over The Rock like Hmsbeefnuts is, but in certain things, The Rock brings the goods. The less said about The Tooth Fairy and The Scorpion King the better. (‘Hey!!! What did I say about bad mouthing the Great One? The People’s Champ? The Most Electrifying Man In Entertainment? Ooops sorry…’ Hmsbeefnuts).

My other favourite action film comes in the form of the buddy cop movie. At first I was never a fan of these movies, but then I watched them again in school for film class. Well I say that I was watching the opening scene from the first film, and we were studying it for something, any way, it made me want to watch the rest of film so I did. I am of course talking about the Lethal Weapon series.


The reason I like these movies is they are character driven with action thrown in. I like that you get to see the friendship between Danny Glover’s veteran cop, Murtough, and his suicidal young partner Riggs, played by Mel Gibson. These movies are not only full to the brim with action, but have really good story lines running through all four.

Now what is the use of talking about action films if I don’t mention possibly the most well known actor in action films today. Who is not letting age get in his way, the fantastic Bruce Willis.

I love Bruce Willis, I really do. I think he is fantastic, if there is a film coming out with him in it I will watch it regardless. However, this has led me to watch some awful movies, sorry Bruce but The Kid, what were you thinking? Anyway that was just a small blip and you came straight back to action movies so that’s OK.  Besides the guy who kicks butt in Die Hard cannot be a bad man. Plus RED is not a bad film either. Helen Mirran with a machine gun? Best shot of the year, this is the reason I love action movies. The movie doesn’t have to have a good story line so long as something blows up. I know I have left some fantastic films and even better actors, out of this article, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less, it just means I ran out of space.

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