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Last week I shared with you some lovely trivia about one of my favourite movies of all time. This week I am going to share some trivia on one of my favourite shows. In 1999 The Simpsons was still a huge hit, then a new adult cartoon came one that wasn’t afraid to take the piss out of taboo subjects and have characters that you won’t find in a family cartoon. Family Guy is the brain child of Seth McFarlane, and has to be one the funniest shows on television at the moment, well to me it is any way.

Louis was originally drawn as blonde, but after much debate they changed her to a red head.

When the creators thought the series has been cancelled after season 2, many of the writers took jobs on other shows. The show was renewed for a third season at the last minute; many new writers were bought on for season 3.

The first part of the opening credits, where Louis plays the piano and Peter sings is a spoof from the US show All in the Family.

When the show did get cancelled by the 2nd of May 2003, there was an online petition with over 111,000 names on it, to save the show.

When the series was first pitched for Fox, William H. Macy had auditioned for the role of Brian, a part that was later played by Seth McFarlane.

Bonnie Swanson would seemingly be pregnant thought out the entire show. Peter even mentions it in Season 4. She finally gives birth in Season 7.

The character of Neil Goldman, the boy who is always chasing Meg, is named after one of the shows writer’s.

The show has been cancelled more than once, the first time was as above and the second time and the longest time were between the third and fourth season, from 2002 to 2005.

Glen Quagmire’s facial features are modelled after Bob Hope.

The Chicken that Peter fights over a numbers of season’s is called Ernie.

I hope you enjoyed this Family Guy trivia, if you have never seen the show I recommend you do. It’s really funny and witty, like I said it doesn’t shy away from taboo subjects. This is what makes this show so great. Join me next week when I bring you some more trivia will it be another show or a movie?

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