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Avenging April: 5 Badass Supervillians,That Aren’t Super Famous

By @hmsbeefnuts

Avenging April continues here at All Geek To Me, and the excitement is palpable. Not long now, not long. At this point, I am waist deep in comic books, superhero films, and Wikipedia articles about comic book characters I have never heard of before, and I’m loving it. Later this month I should have written an Avengers marathon piece, just have to find time to watch all the recent Marvel films, in order, and then write something amusing about the experience. It’s not easy you know, quite time consuming really. So you may have already read  out first Avenging April Article, 5 Super Stupid Supervillians, and I thought that a companion piece should be written to highlight some of the super badass villains that aren’t as famous as your Jokers, Lex Luthors, Green Goblins and Riddlers. The following super criminals are all some of my favourite characters that have come up against some of my favourite heroes. You may notice that this list is DC heavy, and that is because I am going through a bit of  DC period right now. Many of the great heroes have a vast Rogues Gallery, and it is only fair that these guys get their chance to shine, as they are some of the baddest ass villains ever.

Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage is just completely and utterly badass. A  Cro-Magnon man, a chance encounter with a mysterious meteorite granted him immortality, super strength and enhanced intellect. Throughout the ages Vandal Savage has been involved in numerous great historical events, and has tried to take over the world numerous times. He has fought all the great and the good superheroes, including Green Lantern, The Flash and Superman, as well as The Justice League, The Justice Society and The Titans. He is one of the most evil men alive, and is a great villain, and what a name!

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy started life as Cyrus Gold, born sometime during the 1800’s. Living in Gotham City, he carried on an affair with a prostitute who fell pregnant. After a meeting in Slaughter Swamp, Cyrus was murdered by the hookers pimp and buried in the swamp. That was 1895, a bad year for Cyrus Gold. Due to an unknown process, the vegetation in the swamp zombified Cyrus body. He would resurrect and become known as Solomon Grundy. Grundy possesses superhuman strength, sometimes to the level of Superman himself, super stamina, energy absorption, the ability to redresser himself and also has a mystical invulnerability, making him impervious to almost everything. Having fought everyone of importance, I do prefer him as a Batman villain.

Black Mask

Black Mask is one of the coolest crime lords in Gotham City. Born Roman Sionis, Mask’s parents were wealthy and important, although they cared little for their son. He was given a position in the family Cosmetics business, falling in love with a ‘lowly’ secretary. His parents didn’t approve, and after a huge argument, Roman burnt his family estate down, with his parents inside. He inherited the business, but it failed, and he was bailed out by family friend Bruce Wayne. Not dealing with these turn of events in a positive manner, Roman tried to break into his Fathers crypt, but was struck by lightening, opening the crypt and smashing the Ebony sarcophagus. Roman took this as a sign, as well you might, and carved a mask out of a broken piece of his Fathers coffin. He then took on the mantel Black Mask. I love this guy, and sadly it doesn’t look like he will be in a Batman movie any time soon, a damn shame.

Star Sapphire

Basically Star Sapphire is a pink lantern, but bad, and confusingly her powers don’t come from will, but love. A formidable opponent for any hero, they have a special hatred for men. I’m gona be honest here, I have become slightly obsessed with Star Sapphire, and in particular, Star Sapphire cos-players. She is included in this list for no other reason than her outfit is quite simply amazingly sexy, yep, that’s this section done.

Omega Red

Our lone Marvelite on this list, but I have liked Omega Red for along time, ever since the X-Men cartoon in fact. Not really sure why, he just always looked really cool to me. As with seemingly most mutants, Omega Red has, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility and durability, a regenerative healing factor (obviously) carbonadium retractable tentacles within each arm, he can secrete sickness and death causing pheromones, absorb life force, and is quite good at beating people up. I just liked the look of Omega Red, even from a young age, he seemed like a badass, on Wolverine levels.

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