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Movie of the Month: May

By @hmsbeefnuts and Geeky Gem

Tale as Old as Time, Song as Old as Rhyme, Movie of the Month…..for May. Full Marks if you sang the opening sentence, obviously to the tune of Beauty and the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It is a strange time here at All Geek To Me’s enchanted castle in the woods. Spring has sprung and Disney’s Avengers has left me in a very happy mood. Of course, with The Avengers having only come out a few short days ago, and still to come out in many countries world wide, you should probably just go and see The Avengers, if you will only watch one film a month. However, May is the proper start of the Blockbuster Season, at least it should be, but apparently, someone forgot to tell Hollywood.


May 13th is my Birthday. I enjoy nothing more than having a day at the cinema in order to celebrate this. This year, well, I guess I’m going to have to see films I’ve already seen, because quite frankly, May releases suck balls this year. Men In Black 3, The Dictator, American Pie Reunion, Safe and the best of a shitty bunch Dark Shadows. Safe actually looks quite good. I love a bit of Stath, who doesn’t? But everything else, apart from Eva Green, umm sorry Dark Shadows, jeez, what a shitty month.


I have very little interest in anything Will Smith does any more, and Men In Black just looks… OK I guess? I just have no interest in seeing it. The Dictator. The trailer looks OK, it made me chuckle a few times, but that probably means the rest of the film won’t, but we shall see.  American Pie will have to work very hard to be funnier than Wanderlust and 21 Jump Street, but you never know, it can’t be any worse than the straight to DVD sequels, can it?


Dark Shadows…hmm. Really wasn’t too sure what to make of this, I’m not a huge fan of Tim Burton, but he seems to be in his element here, and Johnny Depp looks like he’s having fun as a vampire and the whole thing looks like fun. Oh and Eva Green, jumpin’ Jack Flash that dress is impressive, I shall not lie to you dear readers, Eva Green is sexy as all hell, and I will be going to watch this film for that dress alone. I’m not proud of the fact, but I am honest, possibly to my detriment. But to those who would call me a pervert, I would say to you, she knows what she’s doing, and so does Burton and the production team, that dress was purposefully used to draw men to see this film, well mission accomplished.

Here is the trailer for Dark Shadows… Seriously Hollywood, you couldn’t have kept John Carter for May? Sorry for the less than positive vibe going on here, I just can’t summon the enthusiasm to be positive this month. Don’t they know it’s my Birthday?!?!? June will be better, please Crom make it so.



As normal this is the month where I get to pick the other movie I think you should at least think about seeing. Now I have had a good look at this months movies and I must say I found it hard to find something I thought I might like to go see apart from Hmsbeefnuts choice.

 I looked again, I thought about Men in Black 3 but part of me says it might not be as good as I hope. I also looked at the re-release of a lovely Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. I even thought about telling you go and see [Rec] Genesis as I like a good horror film, but none of these sparked my interest past the trailer, so I have gone with a comedy, that brings back a host of character’s that have not been together for some time.

 I am of course talking about American Pie: Reunion, now I loved these movies when they first came out and I have to admit I skipped the straight to DVD’s ones as they just didn’t do anything for me. So when I heard that they were not only making this one but the whole cast was coming back I was very happy. It looks like it will take the laughs we had to a whole new level. I cant wait, the trailer which I have added below for you is funny and I just hope it lives up to my dreams.

 Here for you viewing pleasure as always is the trailer.



Geeky Gem

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2 thoughts on “Movie of the Month: May

  1. We all need a month where we can catch up on movies…2012 May catchup month.

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