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Gaming for Girls: Part 4

 By Kirkie Chick 

SPOILER WARNING: If you not yet completed the game please be advised this article has some spoilers in it.

I have travelled from the depths of Arkham City to bring you this report of how I am getting on there. Readers may remember my encounter with a Dinosaur in the Museum, on my hunt for the Penguin, I managed to find him, only to be fired at with Mr Freeze’s gun which the Penguin stole. I had to go looking for a chip from Mr Freeze’s suit to jam the gun. I took great pleasure in fighting Penguin, only to have a fight with his pet. I got through that, and then I went looking for Mr Freeze again. I found him but he wasn’t able to help me straight away with a cure for the toxin from the Joker in my blood. It turned out that I would have to have a chase across roof tops for an assassin to sample the blood of an immortal man. An enzyme within the blood would help with finding the cure.

 After several attempts I was able to have it out with the assassin and got the sample. I met Robin. This was a pleasant surprise. Robin hadn’t appeared in Batman Arkham Asylum. He came to bring me a present, the Line Launcher gadget. I was able to give him the sample of blood to get analysed then I was on the hunt for the assassin’s hideout. I travelled across rooftops to the Subway. Once down in the Subway I did get stuck. Once again my boyfriend had to help me out. Turned out I could have worked it out for myself if I had been a bit more patient. After fighting some goons I managed to have it out with the leader of the assassins to get a sample of his blood. Ra’s al Ghul is his name and he tested me because he believes my destiny is to join them and become Immortal and be with his daughter, Talya al Ghul. I tricked him to get his blood and I fled again to take the sample back to Mr Freeze. I got a bit lost and I had travelled through the subway tunnel before as well.


Mr Freeze had made an antidote, but he turned on me and didn’t want to give it to me. I fought him. He was a tricky bugger but I defeated him. It turned out while we were fighting Harley Quinn had stolen the sample of the antidote to take back to the Joker. Who had also taken Mr Freeze’s wife Nora. As a side mission I was to rescue Nora, but for the time being I didn’t want to deter from my main mission, to go and infiltrate the Saw Mill where the Joker was hiding out to get the antidote sample back. I travelled to the Saw Mill; I got a little side tracked by rescuing a reporter who had been shot down in the City. After that I got back on track. The goons patrolling the perimeter of the Saw Mill were a little tricky but I was able to eventually get in. I had acquired a gadget from Mr Freeze so I could freeze burst pipes that had steam coming out of them.

 I travelled through the Saw Mill, killing goons, using sheets of ice to travel through tunnels of water and I found Harley Quinn, bound and gagged. She told me some information about weapons hidden by Joker. I had more important things to think about at the time. I continued to look for Joker. I found him and I fought him. He fought nasty, bringing in goons and two mean adversaries who packed a punch. I defeated them, but then Batman collapsed. The game then continues to go back to pick up the storyline with Catwoman and Poison Ivy. I’m currently trying to get into a weapons store for Poison Ivy. I have completed 26% of the overall game. 72% of that is the story mode. So I am getting there.


I have also been playing LA Noire. I haven’t played any Lost since starting it. In LA Noire, I managed to solve a couple of cases I was working on. I like the continuing storyline about the deaths of the girls being similar to the case of the Black Dahlia. The Dahlia Case is a true murder mystery which was never solved, from the 1940s, around the time and place of L.A. Noire. The Case involved the body of a woman, which was found battered and cut in half, with ghastly gashes cut on the victims face. Letters were sent to the police from the supposed murderer, but they never sent down anyone for the murder. At the moment I am currently going to have to restart a case because I think I took a wrong turn on questioning.


So until next time happy gaming!

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