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By Geeky Gem

A little while ago Hmsbeefnuts brought to you an article on the women on TV he thought were hot. This came not long after his one on Hollywood babes. I have already tired to stop him feeling guilty, by bringing you my Top Hollywood Hunks, this however, didn’t make him feel better at all, as he had written one on TV Babes, now in order for me to stop him feeling so guilty, and bring balance to the blog, I have to write about my top TV Hunks.

Again I am doing this against my better judgement, so that Hmsbeefnuts feels a little better and I have evened the score and if you believe that then you know me not at all. Ha, here are my picks and in no really order yet again.

Kit Harington – A Game of Thrones


Nathan Fillion – Firefly and Castle


Michael C. Hall – Dexter


Ian Somerhalder – Lost and The Vampire Diaries 


Tom Welling – Smallville


Nicholas Brendon – Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Josh Dallas – Once Upon A Time


Hugh Laurie – House


Alexander Skarsgard – True Blood

 Jason Momoa – A Game of Thrones


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