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There is a little company here in Britain who specialize in claymation. They have bought us Chicken’s that want nothing more than to be free in Chicken Run, animals that tell us what it’s like to be a teenager in Creature Comforts, and in their latest feature they have bought us the Pirate Capitan. However none of these wonderful characters would have been possible if not for one man and his dog. Yes that’s right Wallace and Gromit, so here is some trivia on this wonderful duo.


A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit

 Even though the mysterious mechanical moon patroller had no given name, the official Wallace and Gromit website lists this character as “The Cooker” as it does resemble an oven.

 The maker’s name on the clock inside the spaceship is “Wulstan”. This is Nick Park’s middle name.

 Wallace and Gromit in The Wrong Trousers

 In one scene, Gromit is reading “The Republic” by Pluto. The actual author is Plato; Pluto is Mickey Mouse’s dog.

 When Feathers sweats during the diamond heist, the animators needed a bigger model. The one used through the rest of the film was a lot smaller.

 Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave

 Preston, the evil villain dog, is the name of the town where director Nick Park was born.

 The début of Shaun the Sheep, who would get his own animated spin-off. Wallace naming him Shaun is a play on the word ‘shorn’, when sheep get their fleece sheared.


Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

 Hutch only speaks phrases spoken by Wallace previously in the movie and preceding short films.

 On average, each character got a new pair of eyes every two months.

 Wallace and Gromit in A Matter of Loaf and Death

 The box of stuff that Fluffles moves into Wallace and Gromit’s house includes, along with a lot of doggy culture, a small Bagpuss.

Albums in the filing cabinet at the end of the film include “The Hound of Music” and one by a group called “The Beagles” written in a font similar to that used for The Beatles “A Hard Days Night” or “Help”, and two by “McFlea”.

So there we have it, a nice bunch of Wallace and Gromit related trivia, I hope you enjoyed it, and will come back next week to see what else I have for you.


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