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 Hmsbeefnuts and I love WWE, as you have noticed from articles around the site. We both have our own memories of the WWE, and we also have many talks about the current goings on in the WWE. Well once a week right after we have both watched Raw there will be a talk of some kind. The fun thing about it is, we both have different Superstars we like and hate, which makes our talks even more fun. We haven’t fallen out over it yet so that’s a good sign. That being said, I thought I would bring you some trivia.

 To most people’s shock Jake “The Snake” Roberts never won a belt in his entire WWF career.
The Rock, Chavo Guerrero and Randy Orton are 3rd generation Superstars.
Jerry Lawler and Honky Tonk Man are cousins.
Vader was the first Wrestler to grace the cover of the RAW magazine.
Shawn Michaels has forfeited the most titles in WWE history.
Shelton Benjamin coached Brock Lesner during his college amateur wrestling days.
Andre the Giant once fell asleep during a match with Big John Studd.
The Dudley Boys never participated in the Royal Rumble.
Before Paul Bearer got into the wrestling business he actually worked in a morgue.
It wasn’t until Wrestlemania XIV that The Rock first used the words “If you smell what The Rock is cooking”.
And there we have it some WWE trivia for the ages, I know there is more out there and maybe one day I will bring you some more. Don’t forget to come back nest week for some more awesome trivia.

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2 thoughts on “My Geeky Trivia

  1. greeny on said:

    The Rockers once won the wwf tag team title from the hart foundation but it was never offically aknowledged. During the match the top rope collapsed and though the match continued it was never shown on tv and they decided not to aknowledge the change and the hart foundation remained champions. The rockers never held the wwf title though as the midnight rockers they were awa champs.

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