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Top 5 Current WWE Superstars

By Hmsbeefnuts

Once again AGTM’s expensive Geek Radar equipment turns it’s focus to the WWE Universe. I’m still managing to watch RAW and Smackdown every week, and the PPV too, and I’m still enjoying them. As this is the case, I thought it was about time I wrote something else about the squared circle, and the men who battle within it. It is time, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, for my personal Top 5 current WWE Superstars, in order.


My favourite current wrestler, Daniel Bryan has managed to become one of the biggest Stars in the WWE on talent alone. Not the biggest guy in the world, and in fact, probably one of the smallest in WWE, Bryan has reached the point where his catch phrase ‘YES! YES! YES!’ is shouted by fans even when he isn’t on screen. His style is super technical, mixed with MMA like moves. He is able to have exciting and credible matches with everyone on the roster, even Mark Henry, and his mic work is fantastic. He is supposed to be a heel, but is super over with most fans. His battles with CM Punk have been the best things on WWE TV this year. Bryan has gone from strength to strength, and his break up with girlfriend AJ was hilarious. Bryan is the man of the moment, and a shining example to WWE that you don’t need to be a roid head to make it big.


It was touch or go whether or not I picked Punk as my number 1, but in the end, Daniel Bryan just pipped him to the title. Punk is fantastic as WWE Champ, he has held the title now for around 6 months, and has entered great performances defending it, particularly against the mighty Bryan. Punk is a master of the mic, and of actual wrestling. He has been given the cover of the new WWE 13 game, an honour indeed, which goes to show he is now an established Superstar. I am very much looking forward to his match against Bryan at No Way Out, which at the time of writing, has not happened yet.


The Show Off is a great wrestler, that has been lumbered with the awful Jack Swagger for too long. He always gives energetic and strong performances and never has a terrible match. Ziggler is one of the new breed of WWE guys, like Bryan and Punk, who aren’t huge, but rely more on skill and building stories with their matches. Ziggler has been excellent recently and hopefully, is looking good for an extended push to the very top of the WWE roster. He even seems to have left Swagger in the dust. Dolph could easily be his generation Mr. Perfect, he has all the skills needed, he just needs the right push.


The veteran has recently returned from injury and straight into a feud with Cody Rodes and the Intercontinental Championship. Christian has done it all in WWE, but has always been a favourite of mine and is always interesting, entertaining and over. Whilst his best days may well be behind him, Christian still has a lot to offer to WWE, and I hope for a heated feud with Cody over the title belt over the summer.


Zack Ryder is not a great wrestler right now, but he has the potential, at least I, think he does. You have to give credit to a guy that has been buried on TV and jobbed out continuously, for being so popular. Especially when he has done it all by himself. WWE aren’t known for liking that kind of thing, they want to tell people who to like, and push people they give the OK to, but the internet champion has made a name for himself all on his own, and you have to respect that. A definite Intercontinental Champion contender, Zack Ryder could go far in the WWE, if only WWE, will let him. I hope they do, he is the personification of Manifest Destiny. WOO WOO WOO. You know it.

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Current WWE Superstars

  1. greeny on said:

    Christian and ryder are you mad? That said now i’ve written this i cant think of any full time wwe stars out side of bryan punk and ziggler who i like. Shemus, del rio, orton are all boring. HHH, Taker, Rock and Lesnar are part time. The big show is fat. Cena sucks and i will not watch anything that includes santino who i despise. I also hate micheal cole who spoils both shows with his mix of heal and straight man announcer commentry and booker t is the worst announcer ever. I do really like brotus clays dancing.

    • I did have trouble trying to think of people, at the end of the day, I chose Ryder because he has tried to get over on his own, with zero help, and Christian for his theme music and nostalgia reasons. I too like Brodus Clay, but I couldnt justify including him. Ryback?

      • greeny on said:

        Ryback!!!!!! No way. The guys a joke. He’s such a poor version of goldberg he makes gillberg look good. Why does he fight two jobbers at a time? The wwe don’t feel the need to explain this. Why does he not fight real wrestlers like everyone else? Again they can’t be arsed to explain this. I do love the jobbers he faces with the stories they tell before they get crushed. Even his catch phrase “feed me more” is a poor mans “who’s next”.

  2. LitMan74 on said:

    I think AJ should get an honorable mention, she brings the crazy in a very entertaining way.

  3. I think AJ deserves an honorable mention; she brings the crazy in an entertaining way.

  4. AJ is being very entertaining at the moment, but my heart will always belong to Eve, I dig evil chicks.

  5. Lou-e on said:

    Punk, Bryan and Ziggler, def in the top 5. Even though as much as I hate Cena, he is the top guy, the biggest draw in the company. He’s not in the title picture, but hes still the main event. thats just how important he is to to WWE. With Christian and Ryder, Christian’s character is dated, he is a solid mid card guy, who only got the title because of edge’s retirement. With Ryder, he is good, but is character is not serious enough. He got over with the fans online, but for some reason he isnt getting pushed, and they just dont seem him to be a top guy.

    • I agree to a certain extent. I did choose Christian, more for nastalgia reasons than his current position, and picked Ryder more for his impressive ability to get over even though he gets zero chances from the company. To be honest, I had trouble picking anyone else that stood out. Cena is a possibility, but whilst I respect his work ethic and charitable deeds, he simply isn’t a great wrestler.

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