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Now way back in February, we here at All Geek To Me had a bit of a love in with some of our favourite things. I wrote a love letter to one of my favourite childhood movies this lead to me thinking how can I bring you more on this geeky movie and then it came to me, trivia! So without further ado, here is some trivia on Tron and it sequel, Tron Legacy. 




All the live action that occurred inside the computer was filmed in black and white, and colorized later with photographic and rotoscopic techniques.

Many Disney animators refused to work on this movie because they feared that computers would put them out of business. In fact, 22 years later Disney closed its hand-drawn animation studio in favor of CGI animation. Hand-drawn animation was ultimately resumed at Disney at the behest of new creative director John Lasseter, also head of Pixar- ironically a computer animation company.

In this film produced by the Walt Disney Company, a man named Walter started what became a huge company from his garage. In real life Walt Disney did this.

 Due to the poor return at the box office, following this film and its predecessor The Black Hole, Disney Studios did not make another live subject film for ten years. 

 The film was disqualified from receiving an Academy Award nomination for special effects, because the Academy felt at the time that using computers was “cheating”.


Tron Legacy



The building featured as Flynn’s Arcade in Tron was in reality the historic Hull Building in Culver City, CA. As of 2009, when this sequel was made, the location looked very different from its appearance in the original film. So, the movie makers opted to painstakingly recreate the original interior and a portion of the exterior in Vancouver instead, with the rest of the location filled in with CGI. The exterior even includes the “Space Paranoids” billboard on the roof, but with the addition of the “TRON” logo – in-universe, TRON is an arcade game that Flynn created after the events of the first movie.


After years in “development hell”, the first indication that Disney was serious about creating a sequel was the showing of a “VFX Concept Test” teaser at Comic-Con 2008. The teaser showed the updated light-cycles, and revealed Jeff Bridges as Flynn and CLU. The title revealed was “TR2N”, but by the time the teaser was released (officially) online several months later, the title had been changed to “TRON: Legacy”.

A partial replica of Flynn’s Arcade was set up at Comic-Con 2009, complete with several Space Paranoids consoles, and other 80’s video games. A full-scale model of the new light-cycle was also displayed.

In an interview, Jeff Bridges noted that as he was being scanned by laser into a computer (for CGI effects), he realized the same thing happened to him (fictionally) in the original Tron. 

The skintight “electric” suits worn were actually fitted with embedded light strips, thus eliminating the need for any such effects modifications in post production.


That brings us to the end of another week of trivia, come back next and see what I have in store for you lovely people. End of Line.


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