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By @GeekyGem

What seems like ages ago now, I wrote an article on Final Fantasy VII and I thought it was high time I moved on to the next game I played in that series being of course Final Fantasy VIII.

Now as with Final Fantasy VII, I lost a number of days to this game, I waited for the release of this game for months. I had played the demo that had come with a Playstation magazine and the wait was so long, I though it would never come. Then finally it did, I had saved up to get the game on day one. I got my hands on it,got home and wasn’t seen for quite some time.

This game was one of the only ones in the series that was made playable on Windows in 2000. It was developed and published by Sqaure again, as are all the Final Fantasy games. In this game the only way you could get magic was to draw them from enimes and special magic points it was also the first title to consistently use realistically proportioned characters.

The game’s main story sees on a group of young mercenaries drawn into an international conflict, and seek to protect the world from a sorceress manipulating the war for her own purposes. The main protagonist is Squall Leonhart, a 17-year-old reclusive loner and student at the military academy Balamb Garden, who is training to become a “SeeD”, a mercenary paid by the academy.



Now I have to admit I found this one really hard and found my self buying the guide book, something I have done since but only after completing the game as the books look nice on my book case. Anyway this was not my favourtie game in the series, as the story was a little boring and the characters were not big draws for me. Normally I like the main character but in this one I prefrred some of the side cast like Zell and Selphie. However the big bad in this one was quite good, Edna.


I know she is hell bent on taking over the planet but she does it with some flare and with the help of an ex-SeeD member, seems well on her way to doing this as well, but will Squall and his friends stop her in time? Well I can tell you nothing as I am not going to ruin it for you. If you havent played this but wish too the game can still be bought in disc form from some online shops, alternitivly if you own a Playstation 3 you can download it from the Playstation Store for a small fee.


Untill we meet again at Materia and Me, good bye and Happy Gaming.

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