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Batman is the Dark Knight, and as such, we here at All Geek To Me thought that perhaps, for our Summer Knights event, we could extend our remit beyond the realms of Gotham City, and geek out a bit about other Knightly characters. A blog about the best fictional knights is upcoming, but today, I thought I would write a little something about my favourite actors, who have been Knighted by the Queen, for their services to the country, by being awesome and better at acting than other people. I’m going to limit myself to five choices, for reasons of space and laziness. So lets bend the knee, and be ready to receive the sword of awesomeness on each shoulder, as we look at The 5 Best Actor Knights. Are they expected to come to our aid in times of great need though? Probably not…



Gandalf! Magneto! That guy from The Da Vinci Code!! Sir Ian is a Shakespearian acting legend, and Gay Icon, turned go to actor for any geeky property worth it’s salt. Always put in a fantastic performance, often with a little wink and sparkle in his eye. If I had to choose a role of his, it would of course be Gandalf. I was obsessed with Lord of The Rings and he was the perfect embodiment of Gandalf. I can not wait for The Hobbit to begin this Christmas. We all love you Sir Ian, you are a legend.



Sir Tony. Welsh of course, and as a proud Welshman, how could I not include one of my nations finest acting exports in this list (remember kiddies, Batman in Welsh too, suck it). Brilliant in everything, but in recent times I have much enjoyed his performances in The Wolf Man and Thor. He is however, most famously Hannibal Lecter, and what a chilling performance he gave in Silence of the Lambs. My favourite Hopkins role is his freaky, off kilter father role in The Wolf Man remake. I love that film, and everything about it.



Oh Sir Christopher, legend of the screen. The nicest man to ever play evil on screen. I have loved is performances in films since before I could appreciate films, or knew what acting was. He embodied the role of Dracula, was the best Saruman anyone could be, and kicked everyone’s arse as Count Dooku. A Hammer film legend, along with Peter Cushin, Sir Chris is one of the greatest living British actors. Plus he reads Lord of The Rings once a year, so he’s a fellow geek too.



Perhaps my favourite actor on this list Sir Michael is brilliant in everything, even JAWS: The Revenge. Zulu is perhaps his most famous role, and the tale of a small British force coming up against a huge army of Zulu Warriors has been a favourite of mine since I was little, especially since these British Soldiers were mainly Welsh, Men of Harlech!!!! Anyway, Caine’s best role in my opinion is as Alfred in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. He is amazing as the loyal retainer, father figure and best friend of Bruce Wayne. He brings so much to a role that could easily be throw away. In The Dark Knight Rises he brings an emotional punch to the gut in 2 scenes in particular. I love Alfred, I want one, and I want Sir Michael Caine to be him forever.


I don’t like Star Trek, so for me, Pat isn’t Jean Luc Picard, but Professor X, and that’s good enough for me. Another actor from the Shakespearian school, Sir Patrick is a bald headed eagle of acting awesomeness. Also able to poke fun at himself, his turns in Extras and American Dad are brilliant, and the guy likes to play video games, so not only a great actor, but a great geek too.

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  1. Chip187 on said:

    I thought I’d see what else you write about and like video games I can see you don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to films. Michael Caines best role is as Albert? Are mad hommie? Thats a slap in the face to Caines. Have you ever seen dirty rotten scoundrels or Muppets Christmas Carol? I guess by looking at your site you are a bit Batman obsessed. you’d probably stones Jack Nicholsons best role was as the joker, robin williams best role was the riddler and sharon stones was cat woman. Peace out manbo number 5

    • Robin Williams has never played The Riddler, and Sharon Stone has never played Catwoman, she was in Catwoman, but she played the baddie, never mind friend, maybe you should just stick to videogames, because clearly, movies arent your thing. We are running a bit of a Batman theme this month, in celebration of the Dark Knight Rises, but we cover a fair bit of Geekdom, maybe you would like to come back and check it out again? You might even learn something. As for Mr Caine, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is excellent, not a Muppets fan, check out Zulu, Alfie and Get Carter, or even Jaws: The Revenge, a bad movie but fun.

      • Chip187 on said:

        ha ha i’ll give you sharon stone dude but robin williams was defo in batman returns as the riddler. I know my movies chico so I know that Michael Caines was never in Jaws that was Roy Schnider. Micheal Caines wasn’t in get carter sly stalone was and michael caines wasnt in alfie jude law played alfie duh! Maybe I should right for you. I like comic books so my stick around see if you’ve got anything to my tastes. I like the moomins comics they are so random. American splendour is pretty neat too, they made a good movie of that and no michael caines was not in it.

      • Caine was in Jaws: The Revenge thats Jaws 4, Jude law was in a remake of Alfie for sure, like wise Sly Stallone. Jim Carrey was the Riddler, at this point I am usure if you are serious or not, so I will ask this question… are you serious bro?

  2. Chip187 on said:

    Oh I didn’t know that. I’m not sure if your just trying to confuse me but your the movie geek so you must know if the smokes white. I am serious. Just because I like more realistic comics doesn’t mean i’m fake like a hong kong rolex.

  3. Chip187 on said:

    I think I owe you a aplogz bro i read one of your friends pieces and it seems you were right about who was in the batman movies.

    Any ways bro your in england aint ya? you enjoying the olympics? got any tickets to events? bet you love the womens beach volleyball like me bro, its bitching

    • No need to aplogise man it’s all good. Yeah we are UK based, I don’t have any Olympic tickets, not really my kind of thing, but if womens beach volley ball is on, I will be giving it a look see. Best sport ever surely?

  4. Chip187 on said:

    hey homi i ain’t no fucking loon. me and beefnuts are bros fuck you!

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