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There are some actors in this world that I can just watch over and over again, regardless of what they are in. I will sit down throw a bad movie on just to see them, this man is one of them, Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you Bruce Willis.


Was the first actor to ever “act” in a video game (Apocalypse). No one before had ever done voice work along with having their likeness and movements digitally added to the game, as well as receiving prominent billing on the game’s cover.

Was originally cast as Terry Benedict in Ocean’s Eleven (2001) but dropped out.

He filled in as a last-minute host for David Letterman on February 26, 2003, a show he was supposed to be the guest for. It was Letterman’s first “sick day” in 20 years (other than his time off for heart surgery).

The scar on his right shoulder is from surgery due to complications from a broken arm when he was 17.

Recommended Michael Clarke Duncan to play the part of John Coffey in The Green Mile (1999).

Plays the harmonica.

Was chosen to play “John McClane” in Die Hard (1988) because the producers felt he brought warmth and humor to an otherwise cold and humorless character.

Turned down the role of Sam Wheat in Ghost (1990) because he didn’t think the plot would work and that playing a ghost would be detrimental to his career. Ironically, he played a ghost in The Sixth Sense (1999), which was a critical success and is widely regarded as one of his best performances.

Huge supporter of NFL team New York Jets.

Thanked by Blink 182 in the liner notes of their album “Enema of the State”.
To be honest Bruce Willis has to be one of the coolest guys on the planet today, I will watch just about anything he is in. that says something about an actor when you will sit through a bad movie just to see them. Join me next week for more trivia.

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