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Amazing Anime Movies You Ought To Watch

By Caelrona


Hiya all! Tis me, Caelrona, back again with another round of anime for your viewing pleasure. Last time I was allowed near a keyboard I told you all about Awesome (ass-kicking!) Anime Series that you ought to watch. Now I know that not everyone has the patience to sit through an entire series. Some people are the instant gratification sort, and some just plain don’t have time for an entire series. Also, sometimes you just want to watch a movie, ya know? So today I thought I might delight you with some Amazing Anime Movies You Ought To Watch. Same as last time, I will try my best to stay away from the mainstream, because even though we all worship the genius that is Hayao Miyazaki, there are animation studios besides Studio Ghibli that can produce an awesome anime. Anyway, on to the anime!


Legend of the Millennium Dragon


The Legend of the Millennium Dragon is an anime film released in 2011 by Studio Pierrot, with the English version released by Sony Entertainment. It has a run time of 98 minutes.

The story centers on our unlikely hero; Jin Tendo, an average, albeit very shy and frightful boy. When he is ripped back in time to the Heian Era, Jin learns that he is the only descendent of a powerful clan, and it is his destiny to awaken the 8-headed dragon Yamato no Orochi in order to end the war between the Nobles and the Oni. Things do not go smoothly for our young hero and we quickly find ourselves learning that there is always a second side to every story.


Origin: Spirits of the Past


Origin: Spirits of the Past is an anime film released in 2006 by Gonzo, with the English version released by FUNimation. It has a run time of 94 minutes.

The story centers on a pair of teenagers, Agito and Toola, who save the world from near-total destruction. It takes place on a futuristic dystopian Earth. Genetic Engineering gone wrong had nearly destroyed the planet. Humans struggle for survival on a planet where the forest rules, and its’ will is carried out by shamanistic Zruids who control the water supply. Our young hero, Agito, accidentally awakens our heroine Toola from a cryogenic sleep that she has been in for the past 300 years. Scared and overwhelmed by the new world she finds herself in, Toola does the only thing reasonable; she joins up with an army bent on destroying the forest and returning human control over the world. Agito, knowing that humanity would perish without the forest, joins with the forest in order to stop the destruction and save Toola.


Strait Jacket


Strait Jacket is both an anime film and a 3 episode OVA series based on light novels of the same name. The anime film was released in 2007 by Feel Anime Studios, with the English version released by Manga Entertainment. It has a run time of 76 minutes.

Strait Jacket is set in an alternate history where magic was proven and wove its way into all facets of society, vastly affecting the social and technological development of the world. Magic, however, comes with a price. Overtime, it effects and poisons users with something called the Malediction, which turns them into homicidal monsters simply called Demons. In the metropolis of Tristan (which looks something like a steampunk/Victorian London) special warriors called Tactical Sorcerists fight these magic-produced demons in suits known as Mold Armor, or commonly Strait Jackets. This armor all that safe-guards them from becoming demons themselves. Our story follows our young hero; Leiot Steinberg. Leiot is a Tactical Sorcerist, just not a legal one. His activities are on the darker side of grey, to say the least. Adoptive father of a magic-addicted young girl, Kapel Theta, Leiot is basically blackmailed into stepping up as a legal Tactical Sorcerist. His at-whatever-cost way of doing things quickly becomes a problem, but in the end it winds up saving the day.


Summer Wars


Summer Wars is an anime film released in 2009 by Madhouse, with the English version released by Warner Bros. Entertainment. It has a run time of 114 minutes.

Summer Wars follows the very eventful summer of our young hero, Kenji Koiso. Kenji is a gifted mathematician and part-time moderator for OZ, a massive virtual world that is intertwined with nearly every fabric society. Invited by our heroine Natsuki Shinohara to accompany her to her family estate for her Grandmothers’ birthday party, all seems great for Kenji. However an odd math problem emailed to him in the night turns out to be the source code to OZ; and guess who cracked it? Chaos ensues as a militant, intelligent virus known as Love Machine invades OZ. The entire universe comes to a screeching halt as Love Machine gobbles up accounts and begins causing all sorts of mayhem. Kenji must defend his innocence while the Shinohara clan bands together during this time of crisis. Kenji and the Shinohara clan must defend the virtual world of OZ and defeat Love Machine to restore peace and order.


Tales from Earthsea


Tales from Earthsea is an anime film based on the first four books of Ursula K Le Guin’s Earthsea series. It was released in 2006 by Studio Ghibli, with the English version released by Disney. It has a run time of 116 minutes. I know, I know. This is Ghibli! Ah, but it isn’t Hayao’s work. I’m cheating, because this was directed by Goro Miyazaki – Hayao’s son.

Tales from Earthsea centers on a young boy named Arren. Our young hero is quite the confused lad, as he murders his father, steals his sword and runs away from his life as a prince. The world is crumbling around Arren, and even dragons have begun to appear in the land of men. Our little run-away quickly becomes embroiled in a whirlwind of deceit and violence as an Evil Wizard intends to use him against those who would try to help him. Not to be stopped, our young Heroine Therru follows the good from inside Arren, which has somehow been ripped from him and materialized as a specter, in order to help save Arren and possibly the rest of the world.


Well, that is all for today folks. I hope you enjoyed the article, and found some anime to check out! Hopefully our friends here at All Geek To Me will continue to be nice enough to allow me near a keyboard. =P See you all next time!

Caelrona, signing out!


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