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Darker Than Black

By Ammzzy

Following Geeky Gems recent awesome anime articles, I wanted to share with you an anime that I have just finished watching.

I haven’t actually watched any anime for a very long time and when I decided to get back into it, I honestly didn’t know what to watch. There were so many cool things at I wanted to see. How is one to choose? I had to make a list and randomly pick one. (I am very indecisive) The winner of my lucky dip was ‘Darker than Black’ and I was not disappointed.

Darker than black is a series written and directed by Tensai Okmura and is animated by bones. There are currently two series. The first is called The Black Contractor and the second is called Gemini of the Meteor. There is also an OAV that takes place between the two series called Gaiden.



DTB is set in Tokyo where the appearance of the mysterious Hells Gate dramatically alters the world. The sky as we know it is changed and all of the stars are replaced with fake ones. These fake stars are each connected to a being on the planet known as a contractor, who after the arrival of Hells Gate developed various abilities, enabling them to become the perfect killers. The Contractors are kept a secret from normal society but are used by different organizations such as MI6 and the CIA to carry out different tasks and violent assassinations. Working for different organizations often sees the contractors go against each other as they are after the same target. The main character of DTB is a contractor from China named Hei. I must say Hei is a pretty awesome character, with a long black bullet proof jacket and a sinister white mask he kicks ass.



There are plenty of action sequences and interesting plot line throughout to keep you watching the series. The first series is the better one in my opinion. The second was a little lacking. I think that if you take out the crazy appearance of a gigantic gun that is used by a small girl and replaced it with ability that is a bit more in keeping with the rest, then things would have been better. (Watch it and you will know what I mean) Despite this I have still really enjoyed watching all of DTB and am incredibly eager to see more. I feel that we have been left with unanswered questions and a great sense that things are not over yet. There is more that can be done with this series. There is rumored to be a third in the future but there are no guarantees yet. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed. Whatever happens I would defiantly recommend this series to everyone. It is a must see.

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One thought on “Darker Than Black

  1. “The second was a little lacking.”
    Darker Than Black has no second season. We don’t talk about that. >_>

    But yeah Darker Than Black was pretty awesome. One thing I liked about it was its surprising amount of subtlety, it’s able to communicate a lot about the story without mountains of exposition, which I feel is lacking in a lot of shows today. Also Hei is a badass. (Again, we don’t talk about season two.)

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