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Sorry Everyone

By @hmsbeefnuts

Hey guys, Hmsbeefnuts here with a bit of an apology. Well, it’s an apology if you were expecting something of any worth written here today. The story is as follows, last night, whilst perusing some sites before bed, I managed to pick up one of those virus things, that completely got passed my anti-virus stuff, so thanks for that. Anyway, long story short, I had to reboot, and lost the blog post that I was going to post today, a third entry in my Geek Olympic series, as well as all my videos, pictures and songs and everything so once again, fantastic. I spent most of today fixing things, but my tardiness at backing things up, has left me an article short, and with a feeling of stupidness bordering on full retardation.

Now for fans of my Olympic outbursts, don’t worry, I will rewrite what I lost, and make it better than ever!! However, we are left with a quandary, what can I write about that is quick and easy and still borderline entertaining? Well I did think of just posting up some scantily clad pictures of super hot actresses, but since scantily clad ladies may have been partially responsible for my current predicament, I thought better of it. No instead, today’s super short article will be some pictures of that other thing that drives our hearts, apart from sex, food. America is obviously the king when it comes to delicious food that is very very bad for you, and damn it, it is all so good. Here are some foods, and drinks that I must have when visiting the States, but are very difficult, if not impossible, to get here. The more observant of you may have in fact noticed, I have already placed some in the article, full marks if you did.

British food is complete shit compared to US food, and I can’t believe that Americans put up with it when they come over here.

Now I will bring this article to a long overdue close with a picture of Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Wow, I really half arsed this one didn’t I? I would like to apologise again for the shittyness of this blog, I haven’t even gone on about how tasty Mountain Dew, and Wild Cherry Pepsi are, or how Crunchy Cheetos are the finest snack in the world, or Bologna, my god bologna!!! It’s just a really hastily put together post with a few bright pictures to bulk it up and make it look presentable, but there we are, that’s what I get for looking at porn late at night instead of sleeping. I will return next week with a proper post, forgive me, I tried my best, I am on holiday you know…

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