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By Geeky Gem

Over the last 5 page vs picture articles, i have taken you deep into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and today is now different as we near the end of time with J.K Rowlings wonderful boy wizard and his friends. I am currently re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban and I have to say I am enjoying it as much as I did the first time. however this is not the book we came here to talk about today, today we reach the penultimate book in the series. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Now as with all the book so far this one picks up where the last book left off, Lord Voldemort has returned and his wrath has been felt in both the Muggle (non-magical) and Wizarding worlds. This where dark secrets are revealed and the death of one of the biggest characters had people all over the world in tears. Such is the impact of this book, that people didn’t even see it coming and that is a testament to Rowling as a writer. This again was one of the books I just couldn’t wait to get my hands and the day my pre ordered book came I think I disappeared for a few good hours and yes its sad to say I booked the da off work for it.

A lot of the characters return for this book as well with Snape making the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa (Draco’s mother), that he will assist and protect Draco. But what has the Dark Lord asked Darco to do? And who is the mysterious Half-Blood Prince that Harry is learning some magic secrets from, through a book he found. These are not all the questions you ask yourself as you read this book, What is Slughorn hiding from Harry and everyone else at Hogwarts? All these questions and more will be answered as you read the book. This is the year Harry will earn more about Voldemort than he has ever known before an all because Dumbledore feels Harry is ready. Its taking a long time for us to come to the point where we start to find out the truth and everything starts to tie up nicely in this book as things are about to kick off in Deathly Hallows.

The one thing that you find out more about in this book is the Pensieve that Dumbledore keeps in his office, this allows you to look at memories of people, in this case they are all about Lord Voldemort. We also, as does Harry about some very dark magic called a Horcruxes. In which a person can split their soul in place them in objects, in theory helping them live on as long as the objects do. At the end of the book Harry decides he will not be going to school foe his final year but will hunt for the other Horcruxes. This ended left me speechless, and I all I could think are you made Harry. However I was also super excited to read the next book. Shall we move on to the movie?


The movie version of Half-Blood Prince came out in 2009 and marked the begging of the end of the movie franchise. David Yates was the director behind this one with writing credits going to Steve Kloves as it has been for all the movies in this series. To be honest I think he does a cracking job on all the movies, he has a way of putting in everything you needed to know from J.K Rowlings books without leaving feel like he missed a big chunk out. Ok, yes some things are different they always will be.

Many of the same cast return again with very few changes, they are however joined by Jim Broadbent as Professor Horace Slughorn and guess what he doesn’t teach Defence Against the Dark Arts, that job has finally gone to Snape. Slughorn is the new Potions teacher, Harry takes his class as he dreams of being an Auror when he leaves Hogwarts.

The reason I like this movie, as with the book you start to learn more about Voldemort and why he became the dark wizard that he did, you also start to see Harry grow up in a way that you never thought. For a moment in time he is fueled by ure hatred and revenge as a character that means a lot to him dies. This is yet another blow to Harry and his world becomes red and anger as he takes off after the murderer. A tense battle with Draco also happens and this is also a dark moment for Harry that is not to say that a Harry v Draco battle hadn’t been coming for a while as it had. It was brilliant, i don’t know what else I can say. This movie and book where both fantastic and the epicness of it all is just to much. However there can be no draw in page vs picture.

So this time my pont goes to book, bringing the score up to Book – 4, Film – 2. Sorry film your losing here and that’s not good. I do have loads more of these to be done so maybe film can bring it back. Why not come back and see.

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