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After hearing the sad news of Micheal Clarke Duncan’s passing at just age 54, I sat down and watched what I think is one of his best ever performances. The Green Mile, based on the book by Stephen King. The lives of guards on Death Row are affected by one of their charges: a man accused of child murder and rape, yet who has a mysterious gift. I will tell you this, I don’t cry at movies often but the first time I saw this did. Duncan’s performance in this was just brilliant. Thank you Micheal you will be missed.

Originally set in 1932, the timeframe was bumped to 1935 so the movie Top Hat could be featured.

At the beginning of the movie, when the old Paul Edgecomb is walking to get some breakfast after waking from that bad dream, he is walking on a tiled floor that is very green, as if it’s his Green Mile.

By the time Paul introduced Elaine to Mr. Jingles, the mouse would have to be at least 64 years old – over nine times the age of the oldest ever known real mouse.

While many of Stephen King’s novels are set in the author’s native Maine, The Green Mile takes place in Louisiana. However, the surname of the main character – Edgecomb – is the name of a town on Maine’s mid-coast.

When Stephen King visited the set he asked to be strapped into Old Sparky to see how it felt. He didn’t like it and asked to be released.

When the producers were having trouble finding the right actor to fill the role of John Coffey, Bruce Willis suggested Michael Clarke Duncan with whom he had co-starred in Armageddon.

When Paul and Brutal take John Coffey outside at night John looks at the stars and says “Look Boss, it’s Cassie, the lady in the rocking chair.” This is a reference to the constellation Cassiopeia. In Greek mythology Queen Cassiopeia is often depicted as sitting in a chair or rocking chair.

When Melinda Moores (Patricia Clarkson) is visited by John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), she gives him a St. Christopher medal. In Catholicism, St. Christopher is known as the patron saint of travelers (John Coffey describes himself as a wanderer), and, like Coffey, died a martyr.

According to one of the features on the DVD, Stephen King called this film *the* single most faithful adaptation of his work.

Frank Darabont cast Dabbs Greer because he was a fan of It! The Terror from Beyond Space, in which Greer had appeared. The film was also an inspiration for Alien, another of Darabont’s favorite films, and which featured cast member Harry Dean Stanton.

There we go for another week of trivia, join me next week to see what I have for you.

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