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Autumn of Terror: Scary Ass Television

By Geeky Gem

Here at AGTM, whenever we decide to have a theme that will run for a month, we sit down and have a good think about how to plan the month. We each come up with a list of things we would like to write about, this is how I came up with little blog. We all know that I watch way to much television, it occurred to me that I could use this as I have also watched some scary television. I this blog I shall share 10 really good ones with you, shall we begin?

The Twilight Zone

I used to love this show, I often caught episodes on repeat. One of the many reason’s I think I liked it was due to the fact I found it scarier as it was in black in white. I am not sure why this is but I did, it is at this point I should tell you, I do not scare easily so the shows on this list neer truly made me jump out of my seat but I loved them all the same. Each week was something new and a twist would just come out which would make you go “ooooo i didnt see tht coming.” which was kind of the point.

American Horror Story

Well what can I say about American Horror Story, at first I didn’t know what to make of it but I knew I liked it. After watching the first episode I found it hard to get my mind around the fact that the guys who made this scary ass show had in fact made Glee. Wat the hell how can this be the same guys? it’s a fantastic scary show with twist and turns each week and keeps you guessing right untill the end. If you havent seen it you really must before the new season starts.


When I was younger this was one of the shows that I got my love for scares from. I loved the books and i read loads of them R.L Stine got them just right, so when the show came about I was overjoyed and I watched every one. Some of my favourite ones where ones that had come direct from the books, they were really good and not to scary for kids well they didn’t scare me any way.

The Walking Dead

If I am not mistaken, everyone knows how I feel about this show. That being said I will keep it brief, folks it has zombies what’s not to like. For more awesomeness check out the comics the really are worth your time, I can’t wait for season 3 and the glorious things it will bring.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

This is another show I watched as a kid, the show was based on a group of kids who ech week would gather at a campsite and tell each other a scary story in order to scare each other. It was really good, my brother wasnt really allowed to watch this one as it was a bit scarier than Goosebumps.

The Outer Limits

Ahhh, The Outer Limits, i loved this show. I watched this one with my parents every week, and every week it was different. Much like the Twilight Zone but so different as well. Plus it had an awesome intro, We are controlling transmission, We will control the horizontal, We will control the vertical, We will control all that you see and hear. Brilliant.

The X- Files

When I was a teenager I was obsessed with this show. I mean I never missed a show, I had books, videos and a glow in the dark clock. It was everything I always wanted in a show. I wanted to believe and I trusted no one.

American Gothic

Now it wasnt untill a few years ago did I catch this little gem, on re-run on the horror channel. That made me think how did I miss this, it’s a good show. The Evil Sheriff wants to control the whole town but he has a dark secret. What more could ask for, well except a dead sister that comes back to guide the young Caleb.

Tales from the Crypt

I have touched on the cartoon version of this show before, but here I shall be talking about the show that was made for adults.  As with a few shows on this list, it was a different story each week that the Cryptkeeper wold tell you about usually opening with some sort of pun that would take you into the show. This show was good, sometimes it was funny and other times it coud be real scary, it would also have famous A-list actors and director pop in and out of episodes which was always good.

Masters of Horror

Masters of Horror, is brilliant. Each episode is written or directed by a member of the Masters of Horror informal social group of international film writers and directors. It claims people such John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Mark Garris and Tobe Hooper as members, this show was dark and edgy and each week you didn’t know what would be next. Well worth a watch.

There we have t folks, some scary ass television, if you haent seen any of theses shows and you like this ind of thing give them a go.

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4 thoughts on “Autumn of Terror: Scary Ass Television

  1. While I watched many of the shows, I never knew Goosebumps was made into a TV series. Another part of my childhood robbed from me.

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