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Autumn of Terror: Killer Killers

By Geeky Gem

We all love a good horror, well people who like horror like a good horror movie. Now a horror movie wouldn’t be a horror movie with out some deranged killer on the loose would be, so here we are going to have a look at just a few.

Leatherface – Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Leatherface is firstly a killer, secondly he gets his name from the fact he wears a mask made from human skin. These are the first two things you need to know about Leatherface, the others are that he likes eat people and share them with his family. I think that’s really all we need to know and that’s enough. Leatherface was first played by Gunner Hannsen.

Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger I think will be one of the all time killer’s in movies. I can’t think of a person who doesn’t know this dream killer. Bought to the screen by Wes Craven and played by the scary as hell Robert Englund Freddy was the think of Nightmare on Elm Street and beyond. I’ve seen all of these movies and each one gets a little stranger but that’s not to say they aren’t good. Freddy even gets his own rhyme, which is kinda cool. However we must never forget why he is a killer in the first place, he killed children and then the angry Parents killed him and so his spirit can now only kill in dreams.

Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th

I know, I know Jason wasnt the killer in the first movie his mother Mrs Voorhees was but I couldn’t have this list with out him. Jason has been played by many people but the most well-known of these guys is Kane Hodder who played him for four movies. Jason is only seen in the first movie in the memories of his mother and the nightmares of Alice. It later turns out he is in fact alive and knows his mother is dead so goes about trying to kill Alice. Jason is best known to us for wearing a hockey mask and carrying a ruddy big machete.

Michael Myers – Halloween

Michael Myers is best known for helping Jamie-Lee Curtis scream real loud and make my best screams list. Well that’s not true really, He was bought to life by John Carpenter and played by Nick Castle for most of the first film, he carry on to hunt Laurie for a few of films including Halloween H2O. Not sure why, but he does plus he has a really big knife. No remember you can shot him and make sure he falls out  second story window but this doesn’t mean he’s dead.

Ghost Face – Scream

Ghostface was a killer for a new generation, when Scream first came out we were all still living in the world of Jason and Freddy and although these slasher movies were good we need some new blood as it were. That’s where Wes Caravan came back in and bought us Ghostface and the terror of Woodsboro. Ghost Face seems to want to kill Sidney Prescott and the details emerge with each movie as to way. In the first film Ghostface is played by Skeet Ulrich along with Matthew Lillard, who’s character’s created the identity in order to kill Sidney because of her mother’s affair with Billy’s father. After that it was played by two different characters in each movie with numerous red herrings throughout the movies. However the voice has always been played by Roger L. Jackson, Ghostface uses a voice changer to hide his voice and kills his victims with a hunting knife.

There we have it folks, a brief look at just some serial killers that have stalked babysitter’s, telephoned their victims and given them a pop quiz. They have also drowned in lakes and come back to life, used human skin to mask their faces and haunted dreams to scary you to death. So untill next time I suggest you read up on the rules and make sure your safe to close your eyes.

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