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Now a few months ago I wrote a blog about a director I thought had left his geek behind and needed to find it again. The blog didnt go down to well as I don’t think I put my point across the way I wanted. Then I thought I can fix this by doing trivia of one of my favourite movies that he did. Dogma, a movie by Kevin Smith never fails to make me giggle.

The role of Loki was written for Jason Lee, but scheduling conflicts forced him to take on the smaller role of Azrael and Matt Damon took over as Loki.

Alanis Morissette was originally meant to play the leading role of Bethany Sloan, but was unable to because of her 1998-99 world tour. By the time she was able to work on the film, the role had been cast so she was offered the chance to play God as compensation.
Kevin Smith wrote this screenplay before he wrote Clerks., but shelved it because he wanted to do it with proper special effects.
While in production the project’s name was Bearclaw.
When Azrael takes Bartleby and Loki to the toy store, Madman toys can be seen behind Azrael. Madman is a comic book character created by Mike Allred, who did the pencils for the comic book pages used in Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy.

The Buddy Christ statue that was used in the film is on display (as of mid-2001) at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, a comic book store in Red Bank, New Jersey owned by Kevin Smith.
Several versions of the script had much less couth dialogue for the conversation between Loki and the nun. Originally, he told her to take the money she was collecting and get a nice piece of ass; this was changed for the movie to a nice dress. The original was a reference to the book/movie Fletch.
All angels are identically dressed except for the color of their clothes.
Kevin Smith gave himself a puppeteers credit under the name Kevin P. Smith. This was for helping out with the handling of the wings in various scenes.
The hoods worn around the neck of the three angels in the film, Metatron (Alan Rickman), Bartleby (Ben Affleck) and Loki (Matt Damon) represent their haloes.
Again we have come to the end of this week’s trivia, come back next week to see what I have for you.

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2 thoughts on “My Geeky Trivia

  1. Dogma is probably his smartest film, check out my review
    Read your Smith post and I think he’s just a little lost right now. He can’t keep following his old characters as they age (Clerks 2 was pretty painful) and trying to write for current 20 something fell a little flat in Zack and Miri, I feel like he spent a few years trying to figure out what audiences wanted from him. Red State was his best received film in years and it was because he did what he want.

    • I have to say two things, onw thanks for taking the time to read the posts and comment. The other being i think you are right with everything you said. He’ll find his way again and when he does i will be waiting. Geeky Gem 🙂

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