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I have been working on this trivia blog for a number of months now and I have yet to mention any movies that every ones knows as a British thing. I am of course talking about the Carry On movies, My boyfriend loves them and owns all of them on DVD. So I picked one of his favourites as my subject matter, I bring you Carry On Abroad.

The last film in the series to feature “Carry On…” regular Charles Hawtrey. It became the last film he ever made and its completion marked the end of his fifty-year career. He went into semi-retirement, living in Deal, Kent, England.

This was however Brian Osborne’s second “Carry On…” film.

There was no music played during the filming of the party scene. Cast members had to improvise their dance steps as the scene continued. Even though the music remains the same, actors are often noticed dancing too fast or doing the wrong steps to the music. The music was added to the final film later in production. Eric Rogers wrote the score as he did for the majority of the “Carry On…” films.

The Wundatours shop was located in a parade of shops on Slough High Street which has since been replaced by an office block.

The car park at Pinewood Studios was covered in sand to portray the Spanish resort of Elsbels.

The wet cement which James Logan falls into is actually porridge coloured grey.

The television premiere attracted 18 million viewers in the UK in 1978, which was a record viewing audience at the time. The figure still stands today as one of the highest viewed premieres on British television.

Lindsay Marsh was cast as the aeroplane hostess but was never used in the final film. She still received her salary for her time.

In a budget cut, an entire dialogue sequence on the coach to the airport with Joan Sims, Sid James and James Logan was removed from the final film.

The rain shower scene was created by fire engine hoses aimed into the air.

So there we have it, another week of trivia just for you. Come back next week to see what I have in store for you.

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