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Materia and Me

The Thief and the Black Magic Army.

By Geeky Gem

If you are regular to All Geek To Me then you already know what the title Materia and Me means, if not then it basically means I have been telling ou all about a game series that I have been playing for some time. Final Fantasy, as the subtitle suggest’s we are now up to number 9 in the series.

Final Fantasy IX  was the last one in the series to be multi disc and released on the Playstation. It was later rereleased on the PS0ne Classics titles on the PSN (Playstation Network). The game  introduced a few new features  like the ‘Active Time Event’, ‘Mognet’, and a unique equipment and skill system.

The plot centers on a war between nations. You play as a young thief named Zidane Tribal, who joins with others to defeat Queen Brahne of Alexandria, the one who starts the war in the first place. However the story takes in turn , when the central  characters realize that Brahne is not working on her own but with the even more threatening Kuja.

style of the early Final Fantasy games. Which meant that, Final Fantasy IX was influenced a lot more by the original Final Fantasy game, and features hark backs to other titles in the series.

As the story goes on you come across other characters that take up the fight against Queen Brahne and Kuja. One such character is my favourite little guy ViVi. ViVi is a black magic mage and comes into the story looking to find out where he came from and for what purpose has he been made for?

There are lots of twist’s in the game and some you can see coming a mile and other you can’t. I wasnt a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII but have to say that this game brought me back to the fold and I loved playing just as much as playing VII. It still makes me laugh that I still have the game in all its 4 disc glory and if you go to play it you have to remember that after a few hours your going to have change the disc, a novelty action that doesn’t really happen now.

The game play is as always fantastic and the music is great, you have to remember that these games didn’t have characters that could speak. You had to read speech bubbles, even the FMV’s were silent so the music was very important. It wasn’t untill Final Fantasy X that the characters could speak. So the question remains will this band of misfits be able to stop the evil Kuja in his bid to take over the world.

Who knows, well I do. However if you havent played it then I am not about to tell. Besides would ou really want to go up against this guy and his evil black magic army.

Well I never said he had any fashion sense did I, anyway that brings us to the end of another Materia and Me. If you havent played these games and like a good role-playing adventure then you really must give them try. Untill next time Happy Gaming.

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