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I am not very good at keeping up with great television, sometimes a show is two season’s or more in before I get round to watching it and if I like it I will watch it untill I have caught up. This was in fact the case with this frankly awesome show. 24, it was at least 3 season’s in before I got to it, some people I worked with raved about it and where in times of stress would ask “What would Jack Bauer do?” this alone was enough for friends to lend me the first season. I have seen them all and just like everyone else that loves it I am waiting on news of the movie.  So here are some trivia bits for you to enjoy.

Each episode is supposed to take one hour of real time, but in actuality, three minutes are gradually added to the timer during the commercial breaks. The last three minutes of air time are used for viewing commercials, station identification, and scenes from the next episode.

Dennis Haysbert was shuttling back and forth from the east coast to Los Angeles during the production of the show, because he was filming Far from Heaven at the same time.

Reiko Aylesworth originally auditioned for the role of Nina Myers and Kate Warner.

In season 2, Tony Almeida’s ankle injury was added to the script as actor Carlos Bernard had really injured his ankle while playing basketball during a break in filming.

Partway through season 2, Kiefer Sutherland injured his leg while exiting his trailer, so a small scene was written in where Jack Bauer must pull a piece of shrapnel from his leg after a plane crash to explain Sutherland’s limp.

All cast members are required to have their hair trimmed every five days.

Completing an entire season, including pre- and post-production work, takes ten and a half months.

Other than Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), Glenn Morshower’s character (Agent Aaron Pierce) is the only one to appear in all 7 seasons of “24” as of 2009.

According to her profile on the 24 website, Teri Bauer (Leslie Hope) worked as a colorist for Dark Horse comics.

Sean Astin got his part on the show because he and producer Joel Surnow went to the same chiropractor. When Astin turned out to be a fan of the show, Surnow offered him the part of Lynn McGill.

Another week of trivia has come and gone, join me next week to see what I have for you.

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