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Love Hina

By Geeky Gem

Here we are again, at the start of a blog where I get to talk about anime. This time I thought I would bring you one that my boyfriend likes as its can be hard to find an anime he likes, so I bring you Love Hina.

Love Hina tells the story of Keitaro Urashima as he try’s to find the girl with whom he made a promise to met again at Tokyo University. As you would guess this is no easy task for Keitaro as he can’t remember her name and only has a vague memory of what she looks like, all the same he really wants to get into Tokyo U, in order to find her again and run off into the sunset.

After failing his practice exams again Kietaro decides to visit his Grandma, who decides that she is off on holiday and he must now take over the running of her hot springs. Little does he know that it’s no longer a hot spring in the way he remember, Granny now runs a girl’s dorm. Where girls can stay as they study at different school’s, well apart from one who is just living there as she has now where else to go.

Love Hina ran for 25 episode’s and was shown made by Xebec, it aired on  TV Tokyo in Japan back in 2000, it was made into an english dub by Funimation after they got h old of the licence. The original manga was written by Ken Akamatsu, and this is what the show is based on.  A big break  for Love Hina was the fact that it became one of the first anime series to be available unofficially as a digitally produced fansub, with multiple groups working on the series. This only made the series very unique and more wide-spread.

Some of the funniest scenes are when Kietaro walks in on one the girls in a state of undress as they always hit him, in fact he gets beating up a lot. the question always remains is he meant to go to Tokyo U with Naru Narusegawa or Mutsumi Otohime? The problem is as I mentioned earlier Kietaro can’t recall who he made the promise too.

It’s a fun, quirky anime with lots of silly adventures along the way , but Keitaro never gives p home of finding the girl he made the promise too and wanting to live out his dreams. Below is the opening credits for the show, I love this song its called Sakura Saku and was written by Ritsuko Okazaki and performed by Megumi Hayashibara.

If you havent seen this show but like a good laugh then this is one for you.

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