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Well today’s trivia ia a bit special I shall be bringing you trivia from one year of movies, 1983. The year I was born, ok I wasnt born until the tail end of the year but a whole bunch of movies came out that year, that happened to be kinda cool. As today is my birthday I thought I would bring you a mic of movies that came out in the year. Shall we begin?


The chest-slit sequences had James Woods built into a couch with the chest-slit apparatus glued onto him. Woods swore he would never work with anything that had to be glued onto him ever again! During filming the sequences with the flesh-gun (which “fired” bursts of cold, vaporous gas), Woods played a prank on director David Cronenberg by smearing his (real) hand with blue paint and pretending he had frostbite.


The studio had a Galaga and a Galaxian machine delivered to Matthew Broderick’s home, where he practiced for two months to prepare for the arcade scene.

Trading Places 

The exterior shots of Louis Winthorpe’s house are of a real house on a very affluent street in Philadelphia. The wreath on the door was replaced when the producers wanted something bigger and better. They borrowed a hand-made wreath from a house across the street.


To make the St. Bernards attack the car, animal trainers put the dog’s favorite toys inside the car so the dogs would try to get them.


The shots of “Heaven” were done by poking a hole in a piece of sheet steel, putting a quartz bulb behind it, and a piece of very scratched plastic in front of it. The rivers of “angels” were made with high-speed, backlit footage of a dancer wearing a long costume which was twirled about on two poles.

Superman III

The musical tones from the video game Ross Webster is playing are from the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man.


The film debuts of Andrew McCarthy (as Johnathan), John Cusack (as Roscoe) and Virginia Madsen (as Lisa).

House of Long Shadows

 This is the final film in which both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing appear.


Because of this hotel’s involvement with this movie, Udaipur’s Lake Palace Hotel is now nicknamed “The Octopussy Hotel”.

Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi

In the familiar theatrical one-sheet poster advertising the film, forearms assumed to belong to Luke Skywalker are shown raising an ignited light-saber upward toward the starry sky. But the unidentified arms pictured are not those of actor Mark Hamill, they belong to George Lucas.

There we have folks my 1983 round-up, not a bad was it. Untill we meet again I bid you farewell.

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