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Last week we looked at Hmsbeefnuts favourite festive movie this week is the turn of Kirkiechick, Who picked a lovely 80’s classic.

Real deer were trained to pull the sleigh. The crew required months to complete the training which also allowed the deer to grow their antlers for the final filming. For shots where it was not possible to use the deer, sophisticated animatronic deer were used.

In the scene where Joe is watching Patch’s commercial, the movie’s producer, Ilya Saklind is standing behind him.

The role of B.Z. was offered to Harrison Ford, Burt Reynolds, Dustin Hoffman and Johnny Carson all of whom turned it down.

In the U.S. trailers for the film, Dudley Moore gets top billing and ‘David Huddleston’ gets third billing. In the international trailer, Huddleston gets top billing and Moore gets fourth billing.

The name of Dooley, one of the elves, was the maiden-name of David Huddleston’s (Santa) mother.

Judy Cornwell who plays Santa’s wife also plays Hyacinth Buket’s sister Daisy in Keeping up appearance’s.

The budget for the movie was 50 Million US Dollars it grossed 100 million.

The movie premiere was picketed by Animal rights activist’s over the loop de loop scene, they believed the Deer did this, of course they didn’t it was done with computers.

There we have it for Kirkiechick’s pick, next week Caelirona picks her movie.

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