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This week for you trivia loving people I have decided to go back in time and pluck out a nugget of Sci-Fi for you. Robocop was a film that hit the screens in 1987 again another movie I wasn’t old enough to see in the cinema but I know I saw it the wrong side of 18. I owned this on VHS and loved it, you have never seen it you really are missing out.


The computer that RoboCop looks up criminal records on is actually a Northern Telecom telephone switch.

The point-of-view shots from RoboCop include references to MS-DOS.

Enforcement Droid 209’s voice is that of producer Jon Davison, its growls are of a jaguar, and its squeals are of a pig. ED-209’s body was based on the design of a Bell helicopter and the overall appearance is reminiscent of a line of toys named Robotech which were based on a 1980s Japanese anime series.

To shoot the scene where ED-209 falls down the stairs, Phil Tippett and his team made a small replica of the stairs and pushed the model down.

Writers and producers were concerned that cops would be offended by their portrayal on the movie. On the contrary, they loved it. They especially enjoyed the scene where RoboCop throws one of the thugs through a building while reading him his rights.

The police cars were modified Ford Tauruses. One of the main competitors of the Taurus at the time was the Pontiac 6000. The car the villains use is the 6000 SUX, a not-so-subtle jab at the Pontiac 6000.

RoboCop’s first Directive, “Serve the Public Trust,” was inspired by a fortune cookie.

During the news footage when RoboCop throws the disgruntled city hall worker out the window during the hostage crisis, the dummy’s legs fly up into the air in a comedic fashion as it hits the ground. This was a happy accident and the creators decided to keep it in the film.

Bodycount: 30

When Lewis fires the Cobra Assault Cannon at the end of the final shootout at the foundry, the muzzle flash knocks the lens-hood off of the camera.

There we have it for another week of trivia join me next week for some more.

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