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The last couple of weeks of trivia have been a right mix and so they should be, you don’t want me going through a whole month on just one series of movies do you? any way this week I bring you fast cars and well more fast cars with The Fast and the Furious.


The house used as headquarters for the FBI and LAPD undercover investigation is the same house that was used as Walter Matthau’s house in Hanging Up.

Working titles for the movie included “Racer X”, “Redline” and “Race Wars”.

Neither Michelle Rodriguez nor Jordana Brewster had driver’s licenses or even learner’s permits before production of the film.

Dominic’s RX-7 originally had a roll cage. It was removed to accommodate Vin Diesel’s physique.

There are over 15,000 individual sound effects in the first street race.

Vin Diesel accidentally broke a stuntman’s nose.

Film-makers asked owners of houses in backgrounds to re-paint their houses with more muted colors to show off the colorful cars.

The only cars to feature in both “Fast and Furious” films was Neal H. Moritz’s navy-colored Ferrari F355, and Dom’s RX-7. In the first film, the F355 was used in the Malibu race scene and then parked outside Verone’s house in 2 Fast 2 Furious. The RX-7 was changed and used again in the second film as Orange Julius’ car in the first race scene.

There were more than 60 Japanese vehicles in this movie.

The Volkswagen Jetta that Jesse drives in the movie was later purchased by Frankie Muniz.

And there we have yet another week of trivia has come and gone. Untill next time bye bye.

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