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UK Weekly Top 10 Movies!

 Week ending 3rd March 2013

By Kirkiechick

Hello and welcome to the chart for this week! We have a new number 1. Wreck-It Ralph has been knocked off the top spot by Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. The story of what happened after the traditional tale of Hansel and Gretel escaping from the evil Witch trying to kill them have grown up. They have become Witch hunters. This film can be seen in IMAX 3D. Let us see the rest of the chart.


1. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, £1,502,782 (New)

2. Wreck-It Ralph, £1,402,000: Total: £20,432,173

3. Mama, £1,066,008: Total: £3,484,674

4. A Good Day to Die Hard, £823,723: Total: £9,711,292

5. Safe Haven, £812,460 (New)

6. Les Misérables, £503,161: Total: £38,884,766

7. Broken City, £499,283 (New)

8. Argo, £408,903: Total: £7,065,703

9. Arbitrage, £402,873 (New)

10. Stoker, £367,509 (New)

At number 2 we have Wreck-It Ralph keeping the children entertained. It is such a good film and not just for children there is something for the adults too. At number 3 we have Mama. A jumpy horror by the sounds of it. Two children found in an abandoned cabin by their Uncle after their father kills their mother, but something sinister has come back with them. At number 4 we have A Good Day to Die Hard, still entertaining the Die Hard fans with action and explosions. At number 5 we have a new entry with Safe Haven, the story of a woman on the run and goes to a sleepy town for refuge. She finds a man but is all her troubles behind her? This story is based on a Nicholas Sparks book, so romance is on the cards. At number 6 we have Les Miserables, still bringing in the audiences. Take your tissues with you. At number 7 we have Broken City, a new entry. Mark Wahlberg plays a private investigator hired by a political figure, Russell Crowe to follow his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones. But is the truth what it seems? At number 8 we have a re-entry in the chart, Argo. Due to the film winning an Oscar some cinemas have been showing the film again. I do recommend you check it out. At number 9 we have Arbitrage, a new entry. Starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon, a financial magnate in the middle of trying to sell his real estate business makes a mistake and turns to an unlikely source of help. At number 10 we have Stoker. From the look of the trailer it is a very stylistic film about the nurturing of a young woman when a mysterious Uncle comes to stay after the death of her father.

I hope there is something for everyone in this chart this week. That is your top ten films for this week. Until next time happy cinema viewing!

(Source: The Guardian Online)

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