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May The Force Be With You.

 By Geeky Gem

You may think from the title of this blog that this might be about Star Wars. However this is not about Star Wars but about 4 Geeks that came together to start a blog.




15 months ago Hmsbeefnuts and myself came together and decided it was time we hit the internet with of own brand of fun and geekness. Along the way bloggers have joined us, Kirkie Chick with her fabulous take on gaming for girls and her weekly top 10. Caelrona joined us and she brought a mix of anime and manga all the way from America. We even had guest blogs from Ammzzy who told about Wolf Grit by Anne Rice and few choice other things.

We’ve had a lot of fun, from KirkieChick, Ammzzy and Myself spending the weekend at the SFX Weekender to my trip to Hogwarts. You’ve enjoyed Hmsbeefnuts own brand of blogging and had some great stuff from across the sea with Caelrona. I am guessing by now that you may know where I am going with this. So I guess I better get to it.


With the increasing lack of time that myself and Hmsbeefnuts seem to have lately we can now longer give All Geek To Me the time it should have. So it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close All Geek To Me down. It’s a very sad time as after 15 months and 90,000 views we have to go. Which is a shame we have worked very hard on the blogs you have all come to read and we thank you all very much if you have ever read, commented or liked anything we have done.

I hope you have enjoyed all we have had for you to view here at All Geek To Me.

But for the last time this is good-bye from us and thank you.

Hmsbeefunts, Geeky Gem, Kirkie Chick and Caelrona.


Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary – Dead Poets Society


My Geeky Trivia

By Geeky Gem

For today’s trivia I thought I would got back to some anime from the wonderful Studio Ghibli, Arrietty is based on the story of The Borrowers and it is a beautiful piece.


Directorial debut of animator Hiromasa Yonebayashi.

Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata had considered adapting the novel for the past 40 years.

Hayao Miyazaki began the development stages in July of 2008. His original plans included a run time of 80 minutes and the film to be titled “Chiisana Arrietty” (Little Arrietty).

The story takes place in 2010 in Western Tokyo’s neighborhood of Koganei. Koganei is also where Studio Ghibli is located.

At 36 years old Hiromasa Yonebayashi, was the youngest person to direct a film for Studio Ghibli.

French singer Cécile Corbel, a big fan of Studio Ghibli’s films, had sent the studio her second album as a gift back in 2009. Toshio Suzuki listened to it, was seduced and thus decided to hire her to compose the film’s score.

The fourth feature film from Studio Ghibli to not be directed by Hayao Miyazaki or studio co-founder Isao Takahata.

7.5 million people saw the film in theaters, an all-time record in Japan for a movie with a first time director.

Nervous at the idea of directing the film himself, Hiromasa Yonebayashi would initially always seek Hayao Miyazaki advice and opinions. He eventually realized he was on a journey he should face alone when the time came to draw the storyboard, and Miyazaki congratulated him for it.

In the Borrowers’ home, they have three cups with playing card symbols (heart, diamond, and club). The only symbol they do not have is the spade, which in many cultures is considered to be bad luck.

My Geeky Trivia

By Geeky Gem

Right do for this weeks trivia I thought I would pull out an animated movie for you seen as i haven’t done one of those in a while. Ice Age is a fantastic movie and makes me laugh out loud at points.


Movie signage and the book version include a female sloth named Sylvia, who is not seen in the released movie. In the book, Sid manages to avoid accompanying her on the migration south, because she is interested in a commitment.

James Earl Jones and Ving Rhames were originally considered to play Manny.

The first movie produced by Fox Animation since Titan A.E..

The production team originally thought of turning the 20th Century Fox logo into ice when it appears before the film. Even though it can be seen in one of the trailers, they cut that out and placed the regular logo in the film.

The first drawings seen in the cave (before entering the giant area with the mammoth drawings) are replicas of the earliest known cave drawings (found at Lascaux, in the south of France). They have been dated at somewhere between 15,000 and 17,000 years old.

John Leguizamo tried 30 different voices for Sid. After viewing a documentary about sloths, he learned that they store food in their mouths; this led to him wondering what he would sound like with food in his mouth. After attempting to speak as if he had food in his mouth, he decided that it was the perfect voice for Sid.

Pre-production took over a year before any animation occurred.

The drawings of characters during the end credit roll were all done by the children of the animators. The same is true of the picture that Sid draws of himself on a cave wall.

The responsibility for animating Sid’s snowboard sequence was given to animators who went snowboarding in real life.

This was Blue Sky Studios’ first all-CGI feature.

If you haven’t seen these movies, there are four in total but you like a good animated movie than way not give these a try. Well until next tmie. Bye bye.

Wednesday Whimsy

Wednesday Whimsy

By: Caelrona

Hiya all! It is Wednesday again, and that means I am back in action with another blog post. First off, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Secondly, I’d like to say sorry. Last week I said I was going to be doing an article on Holiday anime, and unfortunately I can’t do them this week either. I tried my local anime/manga store and they don’t carry them, and I am still waiting for the downloads to complete, because no one is seeding them. I am literally sitting at 99.95% completion on one of them, and can’t watch it because of the 0.05% that is missing from the file. So yeah, sorry about the let down on the Holiday anime, but I did try. If you’d like to give them a go yourself, they were Tokyo Godfathers and Itsudatte My Santa! They look pretty good, and I’d really love to hear about them if you have seen them / watch them!


Well, since I can’t bring you Holiday anime I thought the least I could do is bring you some good anime news. Studio Ghibli has announced two new films for 2013. Co-founders Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata will each be directing a film, The Wind Is Rising and The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Even more exciting is that they will be released on the same day, which is something that Ghibli hasn’t done since My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies were released a whopping 25 years ago! There isn’t a specific release date, just that they will be released sometime this summer (in Japan, anyway. Hopefully the English dubbing doesn’t take too long!)


According to sources online, The Wind is Rising, which the amazing Hayao Miyazaki wrote and is directing, is centered around Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane which was used by Japan during World War II. This will be the first feature film Miyazaki has directed since 2008’s Ponyo. Meanwhile, The Tale of Princess Kaguya will be directed by Takahata, who is best known for Grave of the Fireflies. Princess Kaguya is a character from Japanese folklore, who was discovered as a baby growing inside a glowing stalk of bamboo. The tagline for the movie apparently translates to “A Princess’s crime and punishment” so if you are familiar with the folktale, that gives you a little hint on which direction the movie is going to go (and if you aren’t familiar, the tale is on Wikipedia.) Apart from the two confirmed releases, there is also talk online of a sequel to 1992’s Porco Rosso, which will apparently also be coming out sometime this year.


Studio Ghibli has released websites for both movies, but they are only available in Japanese. So if you can read Japanese, you can visit the websites for them. If you can’t, then you can still visit the websites because there isn’t much to be seen at either site. They just have the promotional poster with their names and a little bit of info at the bottom about the release coming in the summer. I tried to find more info on them, but there are scant amounts to be found – not even OVA or commercials for either movie can be found on youtube yet, but hopefully we’ll be seeing some promotion for them hit the internet here pretty soon.


The only thing to tint these releases with a bit of sadness is the fact that they may very well be the last films for either of the legendary directors. Takahata (75) and Miyazaki (71) are both getting on in years, and there has been speculation for several years about them retiring. This summer will certainly be a critical milestone for the studio, since it completes the ‘Five Year Plan’ of the studio to introduce the next generation of directors, while Takahata and Miyazaki prepare to move to more background roles, which they have certainly earned and deserve. Of the recent Ghibli directors, only two have stayed with the studio – Goro Miyazaki (From Up On Poppy Hill), who is slowly earning his father’s throne; and Hiromasa Yonebayashi (The Secret World of Arietty), who is the first new director since Yoshifumi Kondo (Whisper of the Heart) to earn Miyazaki’s full support and respect. Will these be the last works of the Studio Ghibli founders? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Anyway, again I am sorry about the Holiday anime let down, but I am hoping I made it up to you with the good news from Studio Ghibli! Next week I will try to bring you something more exciting, but until them I am going to go continue playing Assassin’s Creed II. See you all next week!

Until next time,

Caelrona – signing off! ❤

Wednesday Whimsy

Wednesday Whimsy

By: Caelrona

Hiya all, Caelrona here with your Wednesday dose of geek. Since there really isn’t too much going on right now, and it has been a while since I wrote about anime, I thought that I would share with you some anime that I recently watched. I got to watch all of these anime series while I had control of my friend’s Netflix account, so they’re readily available if you feel like giving them a go. These anime are for a more mature audience – they all feature a lot of violence, blood and fan-service. If that is your type of anime, then keep on reading!

Murder Princess


Murder Princess is a pretty kick-ass anime. I honestly didn’t think it would be too great, judging by the description that Netflix gave it, but I gave it a shot anyway and I’m glad I did. While it won’t be winning any awards or going down in anime history like Cowboy Bebop or Dragon Ball Z, it isn’t terrible. The storyline has some unexpected twists that keep things fairly interesting, and the dialogue has its witty moments, so you won’t be bored silly with only the fan-service to keep you awake.

Murder Princess is a 6 episode long OVA based on the 2 volume manga of the same name. It was released in 2007 by Marvelous Entertainment in conjunction with Bee Train. Each episode has a runtime of 30 minutes.

Murder Princess is pretty much summed up by the title. The princess kills people; lots and lots of people. After an assassination attempt on the King of Forland succeeds, the princess, Alita, must run for her life from the castle. Unfortunately the castle is surrounded by a dangerous forest, and her entourage of guards is quickly dispatched by the Forest Guardian. While now safe from the assassins, Alita must still run for her life. It is during her tumultuous escape that she bumps into Falis, a bounty hunter. The two plummet off of a steep cliff and against all odds they survive, however due to the near death experience their souls have switched bodies! Falis, hindered with the weaker body of the pristine princess, still fights and defeats the Forest Guardian. Seeing Falis’s strength and courage Alita begs the bounty hunter to put her sword to the defense of Forland. But can Falis protect the country from a betrayal so deep that even Alita does not see its depth?

Queens Blade

Queens Blade is an anime geeks wet dream – literally. This thing is so packed full of fan service I don’t think I can even properly describe it. If a character is wearing any armor or clothes (note the if, it’s important) then even the slightest scuffle or fight has them being ripped, torn, or broken off. Not to mention one character has boobs the size of two yoga balls. I can’t even make that up – imagine someone stuffing two exercise balls in their shirt and it’s close to what this woman’s boobs look like; still too small though. Other than the ridiculously skimpy armor and outfits, the outrageous boobs (I think the entire world has DD’s, at least) and crazy amounts of fan-service then this is a pretty good anime. The storyline isn’t bad, a young girl struggling to get away from an oppressive father and incestuously perverted sister ends up competing in an amazon warrior-esque competition known as the Queen’s Blade, which is a competition held every four years to crown the most beautiful and deadly warrior queen. Did I forget to mention that the Queen’s Blade is broadcast around the world by angels? Yeah, freakin’ angels follow these boobalicious amazon warrior babes around as they travel to the Queen’s Capitol, Gainos, fighting each other whenever they meet up, all for the honor and privilege of fighting the current queen. Not to mention one of them is anthromorphic and shoots acid out of her tits. Nifty huh?

Queens Blade is 12 episode anime based off of a series of Visual Combat Books which eventually spawned a media franchise spanning 4 different manga adaptations, 3 different anime adaptations, 3 light novel adaptations and a video game. Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin was released in 2009 by ARMS and licensed by Media Blasters.

Queens Blade: The Exiled Virgin follows a young warrior named Leina during her journey to the Queen’s Capitol to fight in the Queen’s Blade. Initially Leina is only attempting to escape her duties as the next countess of the regal Vance family, but ends up embroiled in the competition. She quickly decides to compete, but is met with much resistance. Not only is her family trying to get her back, but the evil Swamp Witch and her minions are attempting to put a stop to the competition. Can Leina and her friends make it to the Queen’s Capitol, or will the Swamp Witch succeed with her attempt to foil the tournament?

Master of Martial Hearts


The Master of Martial Hearts is a pretty decent anime. The storyline seems fairly straight forward when you start watching. A young girl, who happens to be a martial arts master ends up competing in a dangerous competition to win a mysterious gem, the ‘Martial Heart’, that supposedly grants your greatest wish. It packs in plenty of fan service (although not nearly as much as Queens Blade does) and even a few cute moments here and there. The ending has a twist so crazy that I was completely shocked at how extremely fucked up (excuse my language) it was. Seriously, I was not expecting that kind of ending. That is some messed up shit at the end.

The Master of Martial Hearts is a 5 episode OVA. There is also a 3 volume manga series of the same name, but no records of which came first. The anime was released in 2008 by Arms Corporation and licensed by Funimation Entertainment in the USA and Manga Entertainment in the UK.

The Master of Martial Hearts is a very short anime that follows a young girl named Aya who competes in a martial arts competition in order to win a mysterious jewel, the Platonic Heart, which is said to grant a wish to the winner of the competition. Aya, a martial arts prodigy child, is embroiled in the mysterious competition after saving another young girl, whom she befriends. The girl admits to Aya that she is competing in order to wish for friends, for she had never had any. Aya offers to be her friend, and the girl drops out of the competition. Soon after she disappears, and Aya is offered the empty spot in the competition. Can Aya survive the battles she must fight in order to save her friend, and who is behind this mysterious competition anyway?

Well, there you go! A few fan-service filled anime series for you to watch. None of them are very long, so they won’t take up too much of your time (I watched them all in only 3 days) and they are pretty entertaining, despite all of the fan-service they offer. Anyway, I will see you same time next week for your Wednesday dose of geekiness!

Until next time;

Caelrona – signing off! ❤

My Top 5 Anime Openings.

By Geeky Gem

You should all know a little bit about me by now, so it should come as now surprise that this little blog has come around. The one thing I like about anime is the opening credits some of them have fantastic sequences so here are some of my favourite ones, with videos you lucky people. Plus if your really good and I can find them I will treat you to both the Japanese and English one’s too.

Dragon Ball Z

This is a show I have already told you about and you can check out that blog here. If you have seen the show then you know how the opening went it was choked full of fighting scenes with a rather catchy song. So here just for you is the English and Japanese opening as I found them both.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Another anime I have already told you about if you missed it you can check it out here. Now here I have gone for the Brother hood opening as I can’t find the one I really like which is a song by Japanese Band Larn En Ciel called Ready Set Go! however this one is just as good. This the Japanese opening as they were the same.


I know its sad but I still remember all the words to this one. I couldn’t help it I loved Pokemon nd still play the video games. This one is full of action and character shots. You also get to hear the Japanese one as it has no video but is called Aim to be a Pokemon Master.


Now this is an anime I am yet to tell you about, but if you like the opening credits then you love the show and I promise I will write a blog on it soon. I just love the riff in this and the action in it. Again this is the only version of the opening as they were the same.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Now this is yet another anime I have yet to tell you about and I am sure at one point I will do just that. I  will however tell you two things one this opening has spoilers and two it has fighting robot’s come on what not to love. This is the full length opening so is about 4 minutes long.

I hope you have enjoyed these anime nuggets of joy and maybe I’ll bring you some more one day.

Love Hina

By Geeky Gem

Here we are again, at the start of a blog where I get to talk about anime. This time I thought I would bring you one that my boyfriend likes as its can be hard to find an anime he likes, so I bring you Love Hina.

Love Hina tells the story of Keitaro Urashima as he try’s to find the girl with whom he made a promise to met again at Tokyo University. As you would guess this is no easy task for Keitaro as he can’t remember her name and only has a vague memory of what she looks like, all the same he really wants to get into Tokyo U, in order to find her again and run off into the sunset.

After failing his practice exams again Kietaro decides to visit his Grandma, who decides that she is off on holiday and he must now take over the running of her hot springs. Little does he know that it’s no longer a hot spring in the way he remember, Granny now runs a girl’s dorm. Where girls can stay as they study at different school’s, well apart from one who is just living there as she has now where else to go.

Love Hina ran for 25 episode’s and was shown made by Xebec, it aired on  TV Tokyo in Japan back in 2000, it was made into an english dub by Funimation after they got h old of the licence. The original manga was written by Ken Akamatsu, and this is what the show is based on.  A big break  for Love Hina was the fact that it became one of the first anime series to be available unofficially as a digitally produced fansub, with multiple groups working on the series. This only made the series very unique and more wide-spread.

Some of the funniest scenes are when Kietaro walks in on one the girls in a state of undress as they always hit him, in fact he gets beating up a lot. the question always remains is he meant to go to Tokyo U with Naru Narusegawa or Mutsumi Otohime? The problem is as I mentioned earlier Kietaro can’t recall who he made the promise too.

It’s a fun, quirky anime with lots of silly adventures along the way , but Keitaro never gives p home of finding the girl he made the promise too and wanting to live out his dreams. Below is the opening credits for the show, I love this song its called Sakura Saku and was written by Ritsuko Okazaki and performed by Megumi Hayashibara.

If you havent seen this show but like a good laugh then this is one for you.

Autumn of Terror: Spooky Anime

By Caelrona

Hiya all! Caelrona here, and it’s that month – you know, October. The month of my favorite holiday, Halloween; the month of Pumpkin-flavored everything; and the best month for watching scary stuff. It’s sort of this unspoken tradition my friends and I have; Every Halloween we get together and watch scary/gory/horror stuff and eat junk food. It usually ends in at least one of us scared out of our socks, with the others ribbing said scaredy-cat for being such a puss. Usually we just watch random things, however this Halloween I’ve made it my duty to make it an animated horror-fest. I thought I’d share some of the animated spooky fun I’ve come across with ya’ll. On to the anime!


KaKuRenBo, or KaKuRenBo : Hide and Seek as it is known in English was released in 2004 in Japan and 2005 in America. It was produced by Shuuhei Morita and distributed by Central Park Media in the USA or YamatoWorks in Japan. It has a runtime of 25 minutes, which is about as long as an average anime episode; however KaKuRenBo is a self-contained short movie.

KaKuRenBo follows a young boy named Hikkora who joins in a game of Otokoyo to search for his missing sister, a girl name Sorincha. Otokoyo is a game of hide and seek, which is played after dark whilst wearing Kitsune (fox) masks. It is played near abandoned ruins, and the players of this game disappear – never to be seen again. This is because they play their game of Hide and Seek while being followed by several Demons. Children who are caught by the demons are spirited away. Hikkora manages to win his game of Otokoyo only to find out that those who disappear stay that way.

KaKuRenBo is a cute little anime. You find yourself worried for the characters, and sad when they inevitably get taken. It is rather dark, and while the content itself isn’t particularly terrified, I think that kids might get scared by the idea of it, so I wouldn’t allow easily spooked children to watch this. For adults it is a very interesting bit of anime.

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D was released in 1985. It was directed by Toyoo Ashida and released by too many companies to count; but most recently by Entertainment. It has a runtime of 80minutes, making it just about an hour and a half of dark fun.

Vampire Hunter D is a dark, brooding sort of anime. It is based on a series of illustrated Japanese novels of the same name, although fans will note the differences between the two. The story begins as our heroine, Doris, is visited by the long-lost vampire Count Magnus Lee who intends to take her as a bride. To defend herself, she ends up hiring our hero, a Vampire Hunter simply named ‘D.’ D quickly becomes embroiled in quite the fiasco, for it isn’t only the Count who wants young Doris. D must rescue her, her young brother and defeat an ancient Vampire Count. It is a good thing that D has a few secrets of his own.

Vampire Hunter D is a cult classic of anime films. If you haven’t seen it.. have you been living under a rock?!? I saw this when I was 9 or 10, as it came on TV randomly and I was all “OOOH.” Fans of the novels might not like the movie because it is not a set adaptation of the novels. However as a stand-alone movie it is quite good. Probably not for kiddies, but anyone mature enough to handle some gore should be good to go.

Blood: The Last Vampire

Blood: The Last Vampire was released in 2000 and produced by Production I.G. It is currently licensed for release by Manga Entertainment. It has a very short run-time of 50 minutes, although it maintains itself as a full animated movie.

Blood: The Last Vampire centers around a young girl named Saya. Despite her young looks, Saya is far more deadly than she seems. With help from an organization known as Red Shield, Saya hunts vampires. Specifically, she hunts Chiropterans, or mutant vampires who can make themselves look human, for there is only one true vampire left in the world – her. The story takes her to the American Yokota Air Base, where Chiropterans have been slaughtering humans. It is her job to take them out – without letting the humans know what is going on.

Gems already mention the prequel anime to this movie that came out some time later. I’ve not watched that, although it looks fairly good. I can tell you, however, that this movie is grand. Short, not much story development, but plenty of chiropteran killing going on. I wouldn’t really consider this scary; but the gore and darkness of the story alone get Halloween mention.

I Luv Halloween

I Luv Halloween was released in 2007 and produced by Menfond Electronics. It was licensed and released by Tokyopop. I can’t seem to find a runtime ANYWHERE for this, so if you want to give it a go then let me know!

I Luv Halloween follows the story of a group of children and their manic, crazy, deadly fun on Halloween. The leader of the group, Finch, has a difficult time keeping everyone in line; particularly his baby sister Moochie, who happens to be a homicidal maniac. Amongst their group there is also Devil Lad, who only ever appears on Halloween to join the fun; Pig Pig, a very.. simple young lad; Mr. Kitty, a perverted rascal; and Spike, Mr. Kitty’s mostly silent younger brother. Their misadventures on Halloween are quite the enjoyable romp.

Not gunna lie here, I read the manga. I actually haven’t been able to find the anime version of this anywhere, except bits on youtube. Even google doesn’t turn up much except for the Manga – it seems the entire internets is trying to strike this anime from the annals of history. I was not really impressed with the anime I did see, so instead I suggest you find the manga. It is adorable. Less ErMahGerdMyEyes and more depraved Calvin and Hobbes. If you’re in to that sort of this, then give it a go. It’s always fun watching cute cherubic kiddies commit murder, right? Or maybe there’s something wrong with me… anyway!

That finishes up my Halloween anime. I was sort of sad to find that there really isn’t much in the way of Halloween anime – seriously people, someone needs to mend this egregious error. I want, nay I demand more Halloween anime! Maybe we should start a petition? Who’ll sign? Anyway, all joking aside, enjoy yourself some spooky anime, and have a Happy Halloween!

Until next time;

Caelrona – signing off! ❤

Autumn of Terror: Horror Anime

By Geeky Gem

Hello there, How have you been? I have been trying to tink of things I can tell you about during Autumn of Terror. Then I remembered I like horror but I also like anime so way not share with you something that combines the two? Horror anime it is then, here are some of my favourite ones with pictures and videos you lucky people.


Hellsing was given to me by a friend under instruction that I watch or else, so as I didn’t want to mess with him I went home and watched it. It is a brilliant show that is dark and edgy but with some lights bits in it. The story is about Alucard who works for the Holy Order of Protestant Knights, whose job it is to search and destroy those that threaten the safety of the Queen and Country. This can be anything from undead and other supernatural forces. Alucard is a powerful vampire, I should have mentioned earlier right? Oh well he is and he is awesome and his sidekick is former police officer Seras Victoria,  Alucard turns her into a vampire fairly early in the show, she is the light part I was talking about as she her get used to becoming a vampire is funny. If you havent seen the show here are the opening credits for you to enjoy.

Blood +

Blood + is based on the early life of the central character from the movie Blood: The Last Vampire, Saya Otonashi a seemly ordinary girl is going about her life when she is attacked by a Chiropteran, it is then that she learns she is the only one that can defeat them. Armed with her katana, well what other weapon would have to fight beats of the night. She travels around hunting them down, see a simple story I feel. This is a really good anime and a perfect build up after the Blood: The Last Vampire, which you havent seen it you really should.

Death Note

Death Note is ones of those gems that you find when you aren’t really looking for anything at all. I found this one when I was looking for movies that stared Tatsuya Fujiwara, other than Battle Royale. Then I noticed he was going to be a movie called Death Note, it kind of went from there, first I read some of the manga then moved onto the anime, which blew me away. I loved it, the story follows Light Yagami, a high school student. Who one day finds a mysterious book called a Death Note, inside are number of rules for the use of the book. The book was dropped on Earth by Ryuk a Shingami or god of death. Who was bored and wanted to see what a human might do with his Death Note. The Death Note allows the user to kill anybody whose name they write within its pages. Light decides this could be used for the ower of good, but is that what really happens you will have to watch it to find out.

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is another anime I fond when I wasn’t really looking for anything, once I saw the opening few minutes that was me hooked, it’s a really brilliant show. It centres around Lucy, who is no normal girl she is Diclonius she is a mutant, she looks human to a point but then you notice that she des in fact have horns. Diclonii have special powers they can use telekinesis, Lucy who has been rejected by human’s wants revenge and so the show follows her as she try ‘s to get it.

High School of the Dead

As Caelrona mentioned High School of the Dead in a earlier a blog I wont linger on it for long. It is however thanks to her blog that I sat down an watched this show, I mean it has zombies in it who doesn’t want to see a zombie anime. Caelrona is right its a brilliant show and if you get time to watch it then do so. All you really need to know is in the title of the show, its a hifh school that is now over run with zombies and the last of the stuents nw have to surivie. Here are the opening credits just for you to see, if this is the show for you.

There you have it folks some horror anime for you to enjoy.

Fruits Basket

By Geeky Gem

I am not going to start this blog by saying as many of you know I like anime, oops guess I did. Sorry, any way you now that so I thought I would a talk to you about another series that I like Fruits Basket, is a really good show with a lot of fantastic characters in it. Let’s begin shall we?

Fruits Basket, sometimes abbreviated Furuba, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya.  The series was also adapted into a 26-episode anime series, directed by Akitaro Daichi. The series tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who, after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma, learns that thirteen members of the Sohma family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac, and are cursed to turn into their animal forms when they are weak or when they are embraced by anyone of the opposite sex that is not possessed by a zodiacal spirit. In the anime it is possible to transform through torso contact.

I know this one sounds a bit odd doesn’t it, but after a while you forget that some of the chrectors can turn into animals and becomes more about the friendships of Tohru, Yuki and Kyo. that and all the fighting that goes on between Yuki and Kyo which usually ends in some part of Shigure’s home being destroyed. Which is always funny. In each episode or so Tohru gets to meet another member of the family and find out what animal they are, this however leads to some trouble with the head of the house. Akito is not happy that an outsider has discovered the family secret and will stop at nothing to make Tohru’s life a living hell.

As the series goes on Tohru tries to stand up to Akito but this doesn’t always go will and leads to either Kyo or Yuki stepping in, something neither boy has ever had the guts to do before. The story is lovely and the characters are funny, some of my favorite scenes are between Shigure and Yuki’s older brother Ayame as they have a bit of a Bromance going on and the only one who can stop them is Hatori their oldest friend. Now I don’t want to spoil the show by telling which Sohma family member is which animal but here is a picture of one of the animal forms.

If you are looking for something to watch and want something that is light and funny but also dark, then this is the show for you. I hope you enjoy it I’ve posted the opening credits below for you to have a look at.

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