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There are a few ways in which you can contact us here at All Geek To Me, from Facebook to Twitter you will find all the information below.

You can e-mail us at we will try our best to answer you, you can also leave comments on articles you like.

Our Facebook page can be found here –!/pages/All-Geek-To-Me/294272230623646 or you can click the like button on the Homepage.

The last place you can find us all is on Twitter.

You can follow the blog on @allgeek2meblog

You’ll find Hmsbeefnuts here – @Hmsbeefnuts

Geeky Gem can be found here – @GeekyGem

Kirkie Chick can be found here – @Kirkierose

and last but no means least  Caelrona can be found here – @Caelrona

Those are all the ways in which you can get hold of us. Dont forget you can also leave comments on our posts and we will do our best to answer them.

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