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My Top 5 Anime Openings.

By Geeky Gem

You should all know a little bit about me by now, so it should come as now surprise that this little blog has come around. The one thing I like about anime is the opening credits some of them have fantastic sequences so here are some of my favourite ones, with videos you lucky people. Plus if your really good and I can find them I will treat you to both the Japanese and English one’s too.

Dragon Ball Z

This is a show I have already told you about and you can check out that blog here. If you have seen the show then you know how the opening went it was choked full of fighting scenes with a rather catchy song. So here just for you is the English and Japanese opening as I found them both.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Another anime I have already told you about if you missed it you can check it out here. Now here I have gone for the Brother hood opening as I can’t find the one I really like which is a song by Japanese Band Larn En Ciel called Ready Set Go! however this one is just as good. This the Japanese opening as they were the same.


I know its sad but I still remember all the words to this one. I couldn’t help it I loved Pokemon nd still play the video games. This one is full of action and character shots. You also get to hear the Japanese one as it has no video but is called Aim to be a Pokemon Master.


Now this is an anime I am yet to tell you about, but if you like the opening credits then you love the show and I promise I will write a blog on it soon. I just love the riff in this and the action in it. Again this is the only version of the opening as they were the same.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Now this is yet another anime I have yet to tell you about and I am sure at one point I will do just that. I  will however tell you two things one this opening has spoilers and two it has fighting robot’s come on what not to love. This is the full length opening so is about 4 minutes long.

I hope you have enjoyed these anime nuggets of joy and maybe I’ll bring you some more one day.

Good Job Disney: How The Mouse House Nearly Killed John Carter

By Hmsbeefnuts

John Carter. John Carter? John Carter. Think about that name for a minute. Imagine a film called John Carter… what’s it about? Could be a tiny indie movie, perhaps about a down on his luck single Father. Or maybe it’s a comedy about a Medieval Cart manufacturer. Perhaps it’s a grand Sci-Fi adventure film that is better than every Star Wars prequel, with amazing special effects, and exciting story, epic battles, superpowers, monsters and a beautiful Princess, set on Mars. Yeah right, you wouldn’t call that kind of movie ‘John Carter’ right? Wrong. Disney did. A huge movie that cost reportedly $250 million to make, has been badly handled in the advertising department, so much so that you might think that they did it on purpose.


The poster campaign for John Carter was absolutely woeful. See the poster above, what does that mean? I can understand trying to create a buzz, a bit of mystery, but I don’t think that this was the right way to go with this property. The trailers too were, well, uninspiring. They showed enough for me to make it a film that was on my radar, and I was bothered to find out more about the character. To be fair, the film had been on my radar for a few years thanks to Head Geek himself Harry Knowles, so I knew the basics, and could piece the basic premise together from this and the trailer. I was excited to see it. But I was very much in the minority. The trailers were generic. They didn’t seem much different from a dozen other recent Sci-Fi films, such as Avatar or the Star Wars Prequels. Nothing was saying must see, and it felt like such a waste.


The main problem seemed to be that, whoever came up with the trailers and posters, seemed to assume that everyone knew who this John Carter guy was. Well guess what, hardly anyone does. I would like to use an example at this point, Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon. A legit super franchise, that is known to most people. Whether it is in book form, video games, toys, or obviously the movies, surely most people who see movies regularly know at least something about Harry Potter, and if not, have certainly heard the name. As such, you could legitimately call a movie Harry Potter, and not only would it not harm the movies box office overly, 99.9% of the population would have some knowledge of who Harry Potter was, and what that meant. John Carter is no Harry Potter. He is a character created around 100 years ago, that was never really that popular to begin with. He was a pulp hero, certainly the stories he was in, and the character himself, are excellent, but they have always been for a small section of society who likes these kind of adventure stories.


John Carter simply does not have the name power to promote a movie. It would be comparable to calling the recent Captain America movie, Steve Rogers. Harley anyone would know what Steve Rogers was about, the name has no pull to it, Captain America, however, does have pull, people have heard of Captain America. John Carter would have faired much better with a longer title, for instance, John Carter of Mars. All of a sudden, the name has some context, people start to get what the movie may be about. It must be remembered that not everyone watches trailers, or sees posters, sometimes, the name of the movie is all that is known, and a decision on whether or not to go may be made on title alone, and buzz can be a big part of this. Give your movie an exciting title, and it may not be tremendously helpful, but it certainly won’t hurt. Give it a boring title, and usually, your on a one way ride to Boxofficebombville.


I have seen John Carter. I loved it. It was the type of film that isn’t really made that often, a genuinely brilliant, exciting adventure story with Sci-Fi/Fantasy overtones. John Carter shares many similar things with Star Wars and Avatar, and it’s because, George Lucas etc. based their films partly on Edgar Rice Burroughs stories. In my opinion, John Carter was a superior film to any of the Star Wars Movies, and more fun and enjoyable than the excellent Avatar. The effects were outstanding, the story strong, and the cast and acting excellent. It’s such a shame that American audiences have not felt the same way. At the time of writing, John Carter has made a little over $37.5 million, not brilliant numbers, and it looks like a much wanted and deserved sequel may not be on the cards. However, things may not be all that bad. Internationally Carter has pulled in $108 million in the same time frame. Perhaps John Carter will be able to make it’s budget back, and perhaps a little more, and a sequel may not be beyond hope.

A few people have commented that Disney finds it quite difficult to advertise films to males. That their usual out put is female centric or for smaller children. There could be something in this, however, now that Disney owns Marvel, perhaps some of the Marvel magic will rub off on their advertising department. Certainly they have had little trouble making The Avengers look exciting to both sexes and all ages. I will end this article with another plea for you to get out and see this film. I genuinely think it is one of the best films yet this year, and should be in the top 10 film lists of many people come December, or damn well should be.

Blow The Hell Up

By Geeky Gem

I am not the type of girl whose favourite movies are Rom-Coms, or a nice movie where everyone lives happily ever after. I’m the type of girl who likes to see stuff blow the hell up. That being said, it’s a sure thing that I like action movies.

From what I can remember of my early child hood, my first action film may have been Robo Cop. Which at the time was pretty cool, not only was he cop he was a robot too. I already know that I saw that movie way before the BBFC said I should have. It has no way made me violent in any way so screw you BBFC. Robo Cop was all about the guns and the robots, plus he fought some crime on the side, but my all time favourite scene is the one with ED-209. That scene blew my mind. It was then that I decided that I like actions movies.

From there I went through the motions. I tired chick flicks, I dabbled with other genres but action films always drew me back. The reason I like action films so much is that they don’t always have a cop at the heart of the action. The Fast and Furious series, for example, the cop is not the guy you routing for. You want Dom and the crew to get away, you want them to win. You’re not waiting for the cop to catch the bad guy. That being said I do love the Fast and Furious series, and not just for the cars, although that was the first reason I watched them. The other reason is the action, from stealing a truck to stealing an entire vault using only cars. That to me is amazing, throw in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and you have a good movie. Now I am not all over The Rock like Hmsbeefnuts is, but in certain things, The Rock brings the goods. The less said about The Tooth Fairy and The Scorpion King the better. (‘Hey!!! What did I say about bad mouthing the Great One? The People’s Champ? The Most Electrifying Man In Entertainment? Ooops sorry…’ Hmsbeefnuts).

My other favourite action film comes in the form of the buddy cop movie. At first I was never a fan of these movies, but then I watched them again in school for film class. Well I say that I was watching the opening scene from the first film, and we were studying it for something, any way, it made me want to watch the rest of film so I did. I am of course talking about the Lethal Weapon series.


The reason I like these movies is they are character driven with action thrown in. I like that you get to see the friendship between Danny Glover’s veteran cop, Murtough, and his suicidal young partner Riggs, played by Mel Gibson. These movies are not only full to the brim with action, but have really good story lines running through all four.

Now what is the use of talking about action films if I don’t mention possibly the most well known actor in action films today. Who is not letting age get in his way, the fantastic Bruce Willis.

I love Bruce Willis, I really do. I think he is fantastic, if there is a film coming out with him in it I will watch it regardless. However, this has led me to watch some awful movies, sorry Bruce but The Kid, what were you thinking? Anyway that was just a small blip and you came straight back to action movies so that’s OK.  Besides the guy who kicks butt in Die Hard cannot be a bad man. Plus RED is not a bad film either. Helen Mirran with a machine gun? Best shot of the year, this is the reason I love action movies. The movie doesn’t have to have a good story line so long as something blows up. I know I have left some fantastic films and even better actors, out of this article, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less, it just means I ran out of space.

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