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The Walking Dead: Part 2

The Television Show

By Geeky Gem

Last time I talked to about The Walking Dead, I regaled you with the tale of how good the comics are. Now I shall share with you my thoughts on the AMC show based on the afore mentioned comics.


When I first heard that some fantastic folk in America had decided to turn Robert Kirkman’s epic comic into a show, I squealed like only a geek can, I was so excited. I waited for months as filming started, and promos appeared all over the place. I read everything I could; I was totally up to date with the comic at the time so that was all good. 

Then casting began. I won’t lie to you, most of the cast are people I have not heard about. There were a handful of cast members that I did know, for example Andrew Lincoln who was cast as Rick was an excellent pick. He brings Rick to life, and really shows how deep source martial is.

As for crew, the show was created by Frank Darabont, best known for such great films as The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. He joined the wave of film makers coming back to television. A trend that also saw Alan Ball bringing us True Blood, and Stephen Spielberg, Falling Skies and Terra Nova.


Now this is where I would usually tell you how much the comic is like the show. Well, in this case, I can’t do that. The show is very different from the comic, in more ways than one, to tell you them all would take me forever. I will say just a few things on it. For example there are some characters in the show that are not in comic, the show goes a different way to the comic, so what you really need to know is that you kind of have to view them as two different things and they stand alone.

 However the show can really get to the heart of the human condition just as much as the comic can and at the end of the day that is what this show is all about. Kirkman’s work has translated so well to the screen that I don’t miss an episode and with the casting of one of the most evil villains in comic book history just been revealed, (The Governor for those who haven’t heard) I know I will carry on watching this fantastic show. Each week I hate the fact I have to wait a week to watch another and that’s what a good show should do. The mid season cliff hanger for season two was brilliant. Now the show is back for the second half of season two and it just keeps getting better. There is just something about this show that keeps me coming back each week. Even with my knowledge of the comics, this doesn’t stop me because as I said, it is very different from the comics. I think that’s why I like it so much. If you haven’t seen it, it really is a much see show, come on jump on the band wagon and see what all the fuss is about.

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