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Movie of the Month – March 2013

By Geeky Gem and Hmsbeefnuts

My goodness it appears to be March already, that was quick seems like last month took no time at all. Well back to the matter at hand Movie of the Month. As always I found this month hard to pick a movie I fancied seeing. Then a came across Oz the Great and Powerful and thought this is the movie for me.


Yes I know this another movie to do with the wonderful world of Oz, but this time its told from the point of view of the great and powerful man himself. Oz (James Franco) is a small-time magician with questionable ethics. One day he arrives in a magical land and must choose between becoming a good man or a great one. Sam Riami directs this little number from Disney and the screenplay is brought to you by Mitchell Kapner and David Lindsay-Abaire. This is all based on the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz By L. Frank Baum. There aren’t many people who don’t know the story of Oz but this one looks like a good new take on a classic story. Here is the trailer for you to enjoy.

Geeky Gem

Oz looks good, but I have to go with The Rock. Dwayne Johnson never lets me down, yes even The Tooth Fairy was worth a look. GI Joe Retaliation is out this month, and as it stars The Great One, I have to choose it.



12 Movies of Christmas: Die Hard

By Geeky Gem

As it is the lovely month od December we here at All Geek to Me have decided that we would share with you our 12 movies of Christmas. Here is how it worked, Hmsbeefnuts came up with title and together we came up with rules, rules for movies I here you say. Well yes there was only one rule, the movie had to either happen around Christmas or at Christmas. This is how I get my way as I am not a huge fan of typical Christmas movies. I like the ones that are based at Christmas, so mine my have a slightly different twist. I know what Hmsbeefnuts and Caelrona have picked so this is going to be fun let’s kick off with my first movie of choice, Die Hard.

Oh Die Hard how I love thee, this movie came out in 1988 so I was way to young to see it in a cinema but I have watched t countless times on DVD over the years. It’s a movie I keep coming back to time after time. Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman are just fantastic in this movie. Now in order to get this on my list of Christmas movies it had to be set near Christmas and lo and behold it is, Yay me.

If you have neer seen this movie then the story is a simple one New York City Cop John McClane (Willis) has come to Los Angeles in order to visit hs estranged wife, Holly and their children. However when he gets to the building, Nakatomi Plaza in which she works it is over run with terrorist ‘s who leader Hans Gruber (Rickman) is after some thing in the buildings vault, hmm I wonder what that could. McClane decides he can’t let this happen and sets about trying to stop them.

This has to be only of favourite movies ever its fast paced, has a lot of really good action sequences and not to mention it has Willis and Rickman. I think director John McTiernan got it right with this movie but he wouldn’t have been able to do that without some really good source material. The movie was based on the novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp and adapted for the scene by Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza I have never read the book but would like to just to see how this movie out to be the way it is.

The fact that this movie has had another 3 movies made for it with number 5 on the way sometime next year just goes to show that John McClane can still kick ass and put bums on cinema seats. I for one will be going to see A Good Die to Die Hard, if we here in the UK don’t decided to change its name to Die Hard 5 because apparently we wouldn’t have understood that Live Free and Die Hard was a Die Hard movie so made it the simpler title of Die Hard 4.0. Any way as always if you haven’t seen this movie then please do especially if you like to see stuff blow up.

UK Top 10 Films

By Kirkie Chick

Welcome to the weekly cinema chart! The box office this week has perked up in numbers according to reports. So let’s have a look at the top ten films this week!

1. Looper, £2,427,994 (New)

2. ParaNorman, £1,080,197: Total: £4,304,900

3. Resident Evil: Retribution, £792,265 (New)

4. The Campaign, £772,102 (New)

5. House At The End Of The Street, £545,961: Total: £1,864,304

6. Killing them Softly, £470,712: Total: £2,069,984

7. Hope Springs, £423,051: Total: £3,041,790

8. The Sweeney, £410,578:  Total: £3,876,142

9. Brave, £400,511: Total: £21,219,445

10. Untouchable, £317,979: Total: £493,309

We have a new number 1 this week. Looper is a popular science fiction film starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The mob in 2072 when they want rid they send them back into the past where a hitman is waiting, but one guy goes back and is met by his younger self. The director did a film called Brick (2005) which found a following on DVD. Knowing this film I hope that Looper is just as good. Number 2 sees ParaNorman sitting strong in the chart. This is such a good film and I highly recommend. In at number 3 is Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth film in the Resident Evil series. It seems from reports that this film isn’t as good as the others. It has been released in IMAX like the previous one and in some cinemas only in 3D, which maybe harming the film’s attendance. Time will tell. Number 4 is Will Ferrell’s comedy The Campaign, the story of a congressman targeted by two CEOs to rid him of his position use a naive man to get votes. It seems like your typical slapstick comedy from Will Ferrell. House at the End of the Street sits at number 5. I went to see this. I had heard mixed reviews about it. I thought it was an average psychological thriller, possibly a bit predictable. Number 6 sees Killing Them Softly is still bringing in audiences. I have also heard of mixed reviews about this film. I say make up your own mind. Hope Springs, drops down a couple of spaces from last week to number 7. It does seem that younger audiences are seeing this film as well as the older audience. The Sweeney has also dropped from its previous position to number 8. This film has a steady audience but may be gone from the top ten next week. Brave is still sitting in the chart at number 9. It is such a charming film and I highly recommend. Number 10 sees a film which was released last week but didn’t make the top ten, Untouchable. It has charmed audiences. The story of a wealthy man who after an accident becomes a quadriplegic hires a young man from the wrong side of the tracks as his caretaker. It is a French film with English subtitles. It has been praised at various film festivals.

I hope you will find a good film to watch amongst this chart. That’s it for this week. Until next time happy cinema viewing!

(Source The Guardian Online)

My Geeky Trivia

By Geeky Gem

As we all know, I love a good action movie. There is nothing I like more than watching a movie with very little story line and lots of things tha blow up. I recently watched The Expendables and I must admit I loved it, it had exactly what I wanted. All my favourite action stars and the right amount of stuff blowing up. So here is some trivia on the movie.

 Jean-Claude Van Damme was offered a role, but he turned it down claiming that there was no substance in the character. Rumor has it that Dolph Lundgren replaced him but actually the part of Scandinavian Gunnar Jensen was written by Sylvester Stallone with Lundgren in mind.

Ben Kingsley, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino were considered for the role of Munroe.

Originally , Jet Li’s character’s name was listed as Kong Kao.

Steven Seagal was asked to play a cameo but turned it down due to negative connections with producer Avi Lerner.

Dolph Lundgren described the film as “an old-school, kick-ass action movie where people are fighting with knives and shooting at each other.”

The role of Mr. Church, the man who hires the Expendables, was very difficult to cast. It was initially offered to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who declined in favor of a smaller cameo due to his political career. The role was then offered to Kurt Russell, who declined as he was not interested in “ensemble acting at the moment.” Sylvester Stallone spent several months after principal photography determined to find a big action name for the part. The role was finally taken by Stallone’s friend and fellow former “Planet Hollywood” co-owner Bruce Willis, who was busy filming Cop Out at the time.

The initial budget for the film was $60 million but increased to $70-$80 million.

On October 24th, 2009, Sylvester Stallone was joined on-screen for the first time ever, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. The scene, which took six hours to film, sets up the plot of the film.

This is the third film that Jason Statham and Jet Li have starred in together. They previously starred in The One and War.

The silver badge on General Garza’s right breast is actually a United States Army Combat Action Badge. It is awarded to non-infantry soldiers who have actually engaged an enemy force in combat, and worn on the left breast. Since it would be nearly impossible for a foreign general to earn a CAB legitimately, the costume department most likely simply picked out a random military badge.

There we have it for another week, I hope you keep coming back to see what other delights I have for you.

My Geeky Trivia

By Geeky Gem


Some of my favorite movies take place in the future where cars can fly, ships take you on holiday in to outer space and aliens are an everyday thing. Throw in Bruce Willis saving the day and you have the next movie that has become the subject of my geeky trivia. That’s right folks it’s the Fifth Elements time to shine.



The language spoken by Leeloo was invented by director Luc Besson and further refined by Milla Jovovich. By the end of filming they were able to have full conversations in this language.


The explosion in the Fhloston main hall was the largest indoor explosion ever filmed. The resulting fire almost got beyond control.


This is one of two science-fiction movies featuring Ian Holm in which there is a character by the name of Dallas. The other one is Alien, which stars Tom Skerritt as Captain Dallas.

Ruby Rhod was not the original name for Chris Tucker’s character, it was Loc Rhod. The original name appears in the script and the movie novelization.


In the future New York City, Central Park is the same size as the real one and is in the same place – but 100 feet in the air.


Volumes of two manga series – “Sanctuary”, by Ryoichi Ikegami and Sho Fumimura, and “Adolf”, by Osamu Tezuka – are briefly visible in Korben Dallas’ apartment.


When the President tells Father Vito Cornelius he has “twenty seconds” to state his point, Vito talks for exactly twenty seconds.

The hero (Bruce Willis) and the villain (Gary Oldman) never meet, nor do they communicate in any way.


Luc Besson wrote the original screenplay when he was in high school.

Korben’s termination notice reads, in part, “Notice of termination of your contract, effective as of today. Due to violation of codes, HFGY56, 74HVB, 00JGHY, MNH356585, MCNH485757, 0478N – your engagement with this company finishes immediately. For, and on behalf of, ZORG.” So it turns out Korben Dallas worked for Zorg when he drove his taxi, though this would have been implied anyway, as in the previous scene, Zorg gave the order for 1 million of his workers to be fired.

I love this movie and it never gets old, like Demolition Man I can watch it over and over again. Well that’s it, we have come to the end of yet another week of trivia. Come back next week to see what I have for you.

My Geeky Trivia

By Geeky Gem

There are some actors in this world that I can just watch over and over again, regardless of what they are in. I will sit down throw a bad movie on just to see them, this man is one of them, Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you Bruce Willis.


Was the first actor to ever “act” in a video game (Apocalypse). No one before had ever done voice work along with having their likeness and movements digitally added to the game, as well as receiving prominent billing on the game’s cover.

Was originally cast as Terry Benedict in Ocean’s Eleven (2001) but dropped out.

He filled in as a last-minute host for David Letterman on February 26, 2003, a show he was supposed to be the guest for. It was Letterman’s first “sick day” in 20 years (other than his time off for heart surgery).

The scar on his right shoulder is from surgery due to complications from a broken arm when he was 17.

Recommended Michael Clarke Duncan to play the part of John Coffey in The Green Mile (1999).

Plays the harmonica.

Was chosen to play “John McClane” in Die Hard (1988) because the producers felt he brought warmth and humor to an otherwise cold and humorless character.

Turned down the role of Sam Wheat in Ghost (1990) because he didn’t think the plot would work and that playing a ghost would be detrimental to his career. Ironically, he played a ghost in The Sixth Sense (1999), which was a critical success and is widely regarded as one of his best performances.

Huge supporter of NFL team New York Jets.

Thanked by Blink 182 in the liner notes of their album “Enema of the State”.
To be honest Bruce Willis has to be one of the coolest guys on the planet today, I will watch just about anything he is in. that says something about an actor when you will sit through a bad movie just to see them. Join me next week for more trivia.

Wednesday Whimsy

By @hmsbeefnuts

Hello everybody, welcome to Wednesday Whimsy with me, Hmsbeefnuts. Time once more for me to collect some random thoughts, news stories and other things of note that have been happening around All Geek To Me, and the Geek world as a whole.

Firstly, on Thursday night, 24th May, All Geek To Me hit a bit of a milestone. We had our 10,000th view. Geeky Gem and I are very proud and excited at this seemingly unbelievable number. When we started, we didn’t know if anyone but us would read our blog, so we are very grateful indeed for everyone who has ever stopped by and especially if you came back.


Lets start with some big news in the Geek World that has occurred in the last week. Firstly, in the realm of Video games, there is exciting news for travellers in the realm of Skyrim. Bethesda is soon to launch a new patch that fixes a few problems with the game, but most importantly adds mounted combat!! I for one am very excited by this news. Mounted Combat will not only make riding a horse worthwhile, it will also full fill a personal dream of mine that I have had for more than a few years, to ride into a valley, straight into battle. I thought it would be in a Zelda game, but Skyrim will more than make up for it. This is big exciting news for me.


Secondly, big news in the comics world. Marvel Comics will publish a story soon that features the Marvel Universes 1st Gay Marriage. Well done Marvel for supporting this important issue. I couldn’t say that the character who is getting married is a major one, but that hardly matters. Northstar is the character in question, a character who has been ‘out’ for a while, but has decided to make an honest man of his boyfriend and tie the knot. Once again this is good news for superhero comics, as they are finally catching up with things indie comics have been doing for a long time. Also, top marks for it being two gay male characters and not the usual hot lesbian couple.


That is not the only gay comic news this month. It has been revealed that a major DC character will also be revealed to be gay. The character has been described as male, and iconic, and there has been much talk over who it could be. My vote would go to recent Justice League member Cyborg, although I have heard whispers about one of the Flash character’s also. In any case, this is also good news for comic books embracing modern times, well done DC.


Finally, the big movie news this week was the delaying of one of the big summer movie releases, GI Joe: Retaliation. The studio has officially delayed the blockbuster in order to add 3D. Well I wish they wouldn’t. However, speculation on numerous websites states that there were other reasons for the delay. A very busy summer schedule has to be the main reason, as well as the fact that GI Joe was coming out between some huge superhero franchises. The Avengers has managed to remain top of the box office for three weeks, defeating the American release of Battleship, another Hasbro property. Spider-man and The Dark Knight Rises are out very soon, and there was surely fear that GI Joe would be lost in the superhero slug fest. I am very disappointed by this delay, as I was looking forward to seeing Joe quite a bit, despite an awful first movie. The added Rock and Bruce Willis factor made this an opening weekend watch for me. Well I guess I have to wait till March now, oh well.

One last thing, how cool are these? I want them badly.

Until next time, this hmsbeefnuts signing off.

Blow The Hell Up

By Geeky Gem

I am not the type of girl whose favourite movies are Rom-Coms, or a nice movie where everyone lives happily ever after. I’m the type of girl who likes to see stuff blow the hell up. That being said, it’s a sure thing that I like action movies.

From what I can remember of my early child hood, my first action film may have been Robo Cop. Which at the time was pretty cool, not only was he cop he was a robot too. I already know that I saw that movie way before the BBFC said I should have. It has no way made me violent in any way so screw you BBFC. Robo Cop was all about the guns and the robots, plus he fought some crime on the side, but my all time favourite scene is the one with ED-209. That scene blew my mind. It was then that I decided that I like actions movies.

From there I went through the motions. I tired chick flicks, I dabbled with other genres but action films always drew me back. The reason I like action films so much is that they don’t always have a cop at the heart of the action. The Fast and Furious series, for example, the cop is not the guy you routing for. You want Dom and the crew to get away, you want them to win. You’re not waiting for the cop to catch the bad guy. That being said I do love the Fast and Furious series, and not just for the cars, although that was the first reason I watched them. The other reason is the action, from stealing a truck to stealing an entire vault using only cars. That to me is amazing, throw in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and you have a good movie. Now I am not all over The Rock like Hmsbeefnuts is, but in certain things, The Rock brings the goods. The less said about The Tooth Fairy and The Scorpion King the better. (‘Hey!!! What did I say about bad mouthing the Great One? The People’s Champ? The Most Electrifying Man In Entertainment? Ooops sorry…’ Hmsbeefnuts).

My other favourite action film comes in the form of the buddy cop movie. At first I was never a fan of these movies, but then I watched them again in school for film class. Well I say that I was watching the opening scene from the first film, and we were studying it for something, any way, it made me want to watch the rest of film so I did. I am of course talking about the Lethal Weapon series.


The reason I like these movies is they are character driven with action thrown in. I like that you get to see the friendship between Danny Glover’s veteran cop, Murtough, and his suicidal young partner Riggs, played by Mel Gibson. These movies are not only full to the brim with action, but have really good story lines running through all four.

Now what is the use of talking about action films if I don’t mention possibly the most well known actor in action films today. Who is not letting age get in his way, the fantastic Bruce Willis.

I love Bruce Willis, I really do. I think he is fantastic, if there is a film coming out with him in it I will watch it regardless. However, this has led me to watch some awful movies, sorry Bruce but The Kid, what were you thinking? Anyway that was just a small blip and you came straight back to action movies so that’s OK.  Besides the guy who kicks butt in Die Hard cannot be a bad man. Plus RED is not a bad film either. Helen Mirran with a machine gun? Best shot of the year, this is the reason I love action movies. The movie doesn’t have to have a good story line so long as something blows up. I know I have left some fantastic films and even better actors, out of this article, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less, it just means I ran out of space.

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