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By @hmsbeefnuts

Hello friends, come in, sit down, ice cold glass of Vimto? Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Whimsy, with me Hmsbeefnuts. In this weeks exciting episode… well, I haven’t really planned anything to be honest. I’m writing this on Tuesday morning, the day before I need to post this up, and as I type, I have literally no idea what word will be formed on my laptops screen next, how exciting! Lets just see how it goes shall we?

This month I have not been to the cinema too often, mainly due to the lack of decent films that came between The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. I did see The Amazing Spider-Man again, and I didn’t hate it as much the second time, although, it was still a pale comparison to the awesome Sam Raimi films, yes, even Spider-Man 3. I obviously saw The Dark Knight opening day, but only in boring normal vision, I had to watch it again in IMAX. I was not disappointed. A second viewing of the film confirmed my feelings about it, and an the IMAX-ness made me fall in love with it all over again. All round top dude Chris Antista (GamesRadar, Laser Time, Cape Crisis etc.) said that the IMAX ‘shook his balls’ and I have to agree with the sentiment. The sound, the picture, can only be described as ball shakingly good, and ladies, I’m sure it shakes other body parts too, so you have no excuse not to see it, you will not regret it.

For me, Bane is the best villain to appear in a Batman movie. In the comics it’s still Joker, and Heath Ledgers performance will go down in history as amazing, but Tom Hardy’s Bane is a tour de force, being the only enemy capable of going toe to toe with The Bat, but also a match for his brains. What Nolan did with Bane is exemplary, and The Dark Knight Trilogy is now surely in the top three trilogies of all time, perhaps even the greatest. I know a few people have a problem with the portrayal of Batman in the latest film, that there is no way that Batman would give up his crusade on crime, and whilst I agree with the point, I’d like to add my own take on it. The movies should be seen as an Elseworlds tale, they are not comic cannon, but more in line with Batman Earth One, or Gotham By Gaslight. They are one persons take on the Batman Mythos, and I think that Nolan’s take is a very interesting slightly alternative version of Batman.

Did I mention Catwoman? I guess not. Wow, Anne Hathaway was so awesome as Selina Kyle, the way she went from frightened screaming girl to total badass in a few scenes was amazing, and THAT suit. I was never a fan of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, but Michelle Pfiefer was hot in the cat suit. Anne Hathaway blows her out of the water. Hathaway looks amazing in the suit, and a few scenes where she is riding the Batpod have made a, hmm, marked impression on me, but it’s her attitude that makes her the sexiest character in any movie thus far this year, sorry Black Widow, you got schooled by the mistress of hotness. Selina Kyle is firmly one of the best things about TDKR.

So, where does The Dark Knight Rises fit in to the trilogy, in bestestness? I still like Begins the best, but  really think Rises is a close second, with a very close third going to Dark Knight. All in all, Christopher Nolan has achieved what few others have been able to, a near perfect trilogy, bravo Sir, standing ovation. I would even be interested in following the story further, even though…well, I don’t want to say too much, but a fourth film would still be worth seeing, at least I think so.

The other film I saw recently was the fantastic Ted. I saw this with a big crowd of friends, and this really is the type of film you want to see with the people you like best. Really funny, very reminiscent of a good Family Guy episode, which is obvious really, but it is better than any Family Guy episode I can remember. Seth McFarlane is a film maker with class. The soundtrack is very pleasant, big band inspired, the direction tight and smooth. The cast, a mix of McFarlane voice cast members is great, and once again, Mark Wahlberg proves that he is best when he is bringing the funny. A few amazingly funny cameos, and some absolutely brilliant, if close to the knuckle jokes. My friend Lucy and I laughed our asses off all the way through. One problem though. Joel McHale. I love Community, but this guy is really getting on my nerves, I cant stand him. He is the shittest thing on Community, and the shittest thing in Ted, however, he does not ruin a fine, funny film.

Anyone else get goose bumps over the trailer for The Hobbit? Skyfall too. It seems that 2012 will be one of, if not THE, greatest years for Geek Cinema, absolutely brilliant so far, it truly is a golden age of geekdom. The fact that The Hobbit is now set to be a trilogy fills me with joy. I can’t wait to see what Jackson has cooked up for us, what are we going to see in this new trip to Middle Earth?

Right, that’s it for the time being, I’m off to finish No Man’s Land, or Lego Batman 2, or finally watch John Carter, or Conan, or Predator all on Blu Ray. Time, I need more time…

Avenging April: Sons of Krypton

 By Geeky Gem


When I think about Super heroes I like, my mind will always go straight to either Batman or Superman. I have watched and read a number of things on the Man of Steel, and I love every bit of it. Most of the Super heroes we think of come from this planet and were born special or made special through an event. Kal-El however is not from this planet but from a long distant, and now lost, planet of Krypton. When I think on this I began to wonder just who has had the honour of playing the Man of Steel, here we going to have a look at these Super Men.


George Reeves


George Reeves played Superman in the television show that ran from 1952 until 1958, and was one of the first men to don the red cape, well it wasn’t really red as this show was filmed in black and white. That’s right kids black and white. In June 1951, Reeves was offered the role of Superman, he was initially reluctant to take the role because, like many actors of his time, he considered television unimportant and believed few would see his work. The half-hour films were shot on tight schedules; at least two shows were made every six days. Reeves’ first role as Superman was in Superman and the Mole Men, a film intended both as a B-picture and as the pilot for the TV series.


Christopher Reeve


Possibly the one person you think of if someone mentiones Superman, well for me at least. Chritopher Reeve played Superman in four films between 1978 and 1987. He even had a small role in Smallville. Which sadly was one of his last performances on screen. Whilst filming My Life, Stark Hesseltine told Reeve that he had been asked to audition for the leading role as Clark Kent/Superman in the big budget movie, Superman: The Movie. Lynn Stalmaster, the casting director, put Reeve’s picture and resume on the top of the pile three separate times, only to have the producers throw it out each time. Stalmaster wouldnt let it go and through her persistent pleading, a meeting between director Richard Donner and Reeve was set up. The morning after the meeting Reeve was sent the script. He got on a plane to London for his screen test and the rest, as the say is history.


Dean Cain

Now if you were born before the start of the 1990’s you may remember a little show called Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which ran from 1993 untill 1997. At the height of it’s popularity, it would bring in an average of at least 15 million viewers per episode. The series ran for four seasons, which for me was not enough. Dean Cain played Superman in this frankly brilliant show. It was basically about Clark’s life and how he and Lois came to be, with weekly kicking of bad guy butt to even it out. The show was really good and Dean Can bought new life to the Man of Steel, which finally gave me something to watch of a weekend afternoon.

Tom Welling

As I have covered TV verisons of Superman we can not leave out Smallville, which is all about Clark Kents life before he becomes the Man of Steel. Tom Welling plays the young Clark in Smallville and did so from 2001 untill 2011. Welling was cast in the television series after a nationwide search in America for an actor to play Clark Kent. In an interview with a teen magazine, Welling spoke about the day he auditioned for the role: “I was on my way back from the Warner Bros. studio, and I stopped in a gas station to call my manager and tell him how it went. I called and got him on the phone and he said, ‘Can you hold on a second?’ Next thing I know, there are literally seven people on the other line and almost in unison they say, ‘Tom, you got it!'”. The pilot for the show aired in October 2001, and became the highest-rated debut for The WB, with 8.4 million viewers.Welling even turned down the lead role twice, but after reading the script, decided to take the job. Like Christopher Reeve, he was not a Superman fan prior to being cast as Clark Kent. Welling even got to work with previous Supermans: Christopher Reeve, when he was a season two episode and Dean Cain who appered in a season seven episode.


Brandon Routh

I have to get one thing striaght before I talk about Brandon Routh and Superman Returns, this is the only movie based on Superman that i did not take a liking too. I am not afraid to admit it, I waited for that date in 2006 too see a shiny new Superman, even working at a cinema where I could have seen it for free, I paid to see it the week it came out. I was so dissapointed, the script was awful, some of acting from some cast memebers was wooden at best, but dispite all that there was a Superman that had it not been for a bad script vould have been great. Prior to Routh’s casting as Superman, Warner Bros. had spent over a decade developing a plan to relaunch the franchise and went through a number of actors they thought should play the Man of Steel, some names that came up were Nicolas Cage, Brendan Fraser, Will Smith , Paul Walker and every one inbetween. It also went thorugh a number of directors including Tim Burton, Brett Ratner and Wolfgang Peterson. Finally it was Brayn Singer who got the job, he insisted an unknown actor be cast in the part, in the tradition of the casting of the best-known film Superman, Chritopher Reeve. Routh, then 24, had previously already auditioned for director McG and was spotted by Singer after he viewed Routh’s videotaped audition. Singer was impressed by his resemblance to the comic book icon and found the actor to be humble and perfect for the role.

And finally, but by no means least, we move on to man that we will be seeing in 2013, who put on the famous red ‘S’ and show us a new take on The Man of Steel.

 Henry Cavill


As you can imagine, very little information is known about this new reboot of Superman, all that we know at the moment is the movie will be with us in 2013, that Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman and from the picture above he looks fantastic. One thing i know for sure is that Cavill is the first Non-American to play Superman. An achievment in its self, if you dont mind me saying so. What else can i tell you, let me see. The movie is under the devlopment of Zack Synder, Christopher Nolan, (he just can’t stay away from superheroes can he?) and David S. Goyer. It is currently being shot in Chicago and Vancouver, the movie entered principal photography in August 2011. Lets hope Cavill pulls this off in a way that will show people that Superman has returned and he is The Man of Steel.

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